Taylor Swift Did NOT Announce 'Reputation (Taylor's Version)' on Sunday Despite All the Signs Pointing to It

What does it mean???

Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour
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Taylor Swift is perhaps the world's biggest fan of Easter eggs, obscure hints, and hidden messages, so there's a good reason her fans have learned to pick apart every single thing she does or says in the hopes of uncovering the next great Swiftie mystery.

Sadly, it looks like Swift fans overreached this past weekend when digging for clues. While they thought their fave was all set to announce the impending release of Reputation (Taylor's Version) on Sunday night for her last Eras Tour concert in Brazil (and last performance of 2023), no announcement has been forthcoming.

What were these alleged clues, you ask? Well, the color black is the one associated with the Reputation album in Swift's world, so any clever use of black at the Eras Tour on Sunday sent fans into a frenzy. For example, the star's mom Andrea Swift wore black, as did her publicist Tree Paine. Swift's nails were also painted black, and there was some sort of tomfoolery involving the Empire State Building's official Twitter account which I don't fully understand.

Clearly, all of these fan theories got to Swift, who, despite not announcing the re-recording, stumbled on her words on stage.

In a video shared by Pop Crave, the singer says, "During the... the Rep... the Eras Tour... Now you’ve gotten in my head." Don't be suspicious, don't be suspicious...

Swift decide to re-record her previous albums when the rights to her music were sold to music producer Scooter Braun, and so far she has re-released Fearless, Red, Speak Now, and—most recently1989.

Reputation and self-titled are the only albums left to re-release, and fans are fairly certain they'll come in that order. As to when we can expect them, that's a different story altogether.

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