Are Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Engaged? Rumors Are Running Wild

Maybe let's let them confirm or deny.

aylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are seen at Zuma restaurant on October 6, 2019 in New York City
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She likes shiny things, but would she marry him with paper rings? I don't know, and it's not up to me to say.

Once again, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have sparked engagement rumors after they took a "romantic" trip to Cornwall, southwest England last month. Several sources appeared to confirm the news to Life&Style, but fans have been quick to point out that it's far from the first time the couple has been "reportedly engaged," and that we should let Swift tell us if and when she's ready (if it's even true in the first place).

"until taylor swift herself tells me she’s engaged or married yall can keep your tabloids to yourselves. reputation era taught me better," one fan tweeted.

"Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn get engaged every 5-7 business days," someone else said.

Others pointed out that Taylor Swift knows how to make a dramatic announcement, and that these rumors clearly aren't it.

"There’s unverified reports rollin’ around that Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn got engaged. My theory? She got hitched yonks ago but didn’t tell anyone ‘cos y’all ruin everything. She’ll reveal it on her next album via cryptic clues that fans will decipher within seconds of its release," tweeted entertainment editor Matthew Galea

"no way taylor swift is engaged and she didn’t make her fans solve zodiac killer cyphers to find out," a fan wrote.

Others were (tongue-in-cheekly) upset by the rumors. "taylor swift isn’t engaged to joe alwyn because she’s literally my wife and that’s against the law?" another fan tweeted.


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