Taylor Swift Is No Stranger to Video Games, According to Little Big Town

Swift's pre-performance rituals run the gamut, said singer Karen Fairchild.

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Singapore
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Taylor Swift is arguably the biggest pop star of our time—but she's still a country girl at her core. (Country music, after all, is where her music career got its start.) And at the CMT Music Awards yesterday, Little Big Town singer Karen Fairchild talked to E! News about Swift's early days as a country star.

"We've known Taylor for a long time," Fairchild said to the outlet. "We've known Taylor since she was hanging out in the dressing room and was singing her first song on an award show...She was asking us what lip glosses we were using and video gaming with the guys." (There's no word on whether Swift still warms up before award shows with a little gaming, but I'd like to think she's an Animal Crossing fan.)

Taylor Swift with Little Big Town

Taylor Swift performs with Little Big Town

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While Swift has left her country era in the past (for the most part, at least), she wrote "Better Man," a track on Little Big Town's 2017 album The Breaker. The song won a CMA Award, as well as a Grammy.

"The hard part about 'Better Man' was, once we heard her sing it, was, how do we make this our own? I mean, she's such an iconic voice that we had to just flip it around," Fairchild told CMT. "There was so much joy in that whole thing of just seeing us put it out, it having commercial success, and then us saying, 'Oh, by the way, Taylor Swift wrote it.'"

Swift later included a version of the song on Red (Taylor's Version). She shared with Ryan Seacrest in 2019 that she included the track on the Red re-recording because fans wanted to hear her version of the song. These days, "Better Man" makes it onto the Eras Tour's setlist from time to time—and when it does, Little Big Town's "socials will blow up," according to Fairchild.

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