Pennsylvania Officially Declares 2023 the Year of Taylor Swift—With Legislation To Back It Up

Swift's home state is taking her successes seriously.

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Taylor Swift's record-breaking Eras Tour stopped in both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and noticeably boosted the economy there. So finally, it seems, Pennsylvania—or, to some, known as the "Birthplace of Taylor Swift"—is finally ready to give back to the pop star who has given it so much. On Swift's 34th birthday, December 13, a resolution was passed to recognize 2023 as the "Taylor Swift Era" in Pennsylvania.

It was a close call, with the motion winning 103 - 100. (Most of those not in favor were Republicans, as well as a few Democrats, if you're curious.)

The arguments for this resolution were the huge impact Swift has had on Pennsylvania: her Eras Tour stops in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh not only upped spending in those cities. but additionally, at each stop, Swift donated proceeds to hunger relief organizations.

Her biggest impact in the eyes of legislators was how she encouraged young voters to register to vote. Representative Maureen Madden of Monroe County was particularly vocal about Swift's impact in this regard, and found it more relevant than ever with the current political climate for women.

“I turn 64 years old today, and I think about who’s going to carry on our legacy," she said on the House floor. "She’s not popular because she writes breakup songs. She’s popular because the largest demographic of people eligible to vote, the 18- to 24-year-old demographic, listens to her and does what she says.”

Those not in favor of this decision mainly found it trivial or pandering to Hollywood. Additionally, some members focused on how Swift left Pennsylvania to pursue her music career in Tennessee.

Perhaps the most entertaining part of this hearing is how many speakers used Swift's lyrics in debating their side. For example, Representative Joanna McClinton shut someone down by quoting iconic lyrics from "Shake It Off," saying "Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate." (You cannot make this up.)

You tell 'em, Representative McClinton!

For the opposition, Representative Russ Diamond used the lyric (and song title) "We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together" to remind others of how Swift supposedly broke up with her home state when she moved to Tennessee for her music.

Pennsylvania joins the rest of the world is in its "Taylor Swift Era," as she is Spotify's Global Artist of the Year, TIME'S Person of the Year, and a regular NFL fixture, so it was about time that somewhere cemented this title. Well done, Pennsylvania!

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