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Your monthly crib sheet. Take that, music snobs.

Grand Ole Party


(DH Records) Kristin Gundred — Grand Ole Party's 23-year-old drumming, singing, ass-kicking front woman — pairs her fierce bluesy vocals with angsty lyrics, resulting in infectious garage pop that might make you pick a fight with your parents just for old time's sake.

Download Now: "Bad, Bad Man"

Shelby Lynne

Just a Little Lovin'

(Lost Highway) Red lingerie be damned — this intimate tribute to Dusty Springfield is the sexiest thing you'll come across this month. In these country-politan torch songs, Lynne's faint twang elicits the erotic longing in Springfield's famously mournful lyrics. An album that'll make you love both artists more.

Download Now:"Anyone Who Had a Heart"

The Gossip

Live in Liverpool

(Columbia) Punk in the best possible way, The Gossip's feral energy, a bit muted on studio recordings, gets its due in this core-rattling live album. Heavy drum beats and aggressive guitar riffs give the tracks their raw power, but it's singer Beth Ditto's tour-de-force snarl that steals the show — even turning their cover of Wham's wimpy "Careless Whisper" into a threat.

Download Now:"Jealous Girls"

Jack Johnson

Sleep Through the Static

(Brushfire) The charm of this ex — pro surfer's soulful folk music is how it makes you feel like everything is going to be all right. Against acoustic campfire tunes that borrow from funk and reggae, Johnson's relaxed stream-of-consciousness lyrics delve into conflict, be it international or boy vs. girl. The solution to both, he has us believing, is love.

Download Now:"If I Had Eyes"

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