Meet Viktoria Modesta, the Amputee Pop Star Changing the Way We View Sexy

Her new video, "Prototype," is like nothing we've seen before.

As new music video "Prototype" proclaims in its title, Viktoria Modesta is a new kind of pop star altogether. The 26-year-old Latvian singer is sexy, talented, and an amputee: After undergoing 15 surgeries at a young age to repair a leg that had been damaged at birth, Modesta elected to fully remove the appendage in order to improve her life.

Six years later, she's singing about her transformation, the freedom her choice has given her, and the fact that she—with her less than mainstream body type—is the model of the future: "Assemble me, piece by piece/ Strip away the incomplete, the model of the future/ Colliding minds, it's just a start/ Feel the sparks, we're building art/ It's the vertigo of freedom."

"Forget what you knew about disability" is the message that appears at the start of the video. And Modesta drives that point home throughout the six-minute clip during which we watch her sport a light-up limb, dance like Katy Perry, and take down her enemies with a move plucked from Basic Instinct

See the full video below, never be the same:

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