Exclusive Premiere: This Stripped-Back Version of Leona Lewis' "One More Sleep" Is About to Become a New Holiday Classic

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There are two types of people in this world: Those who double-tap the loop button on their playlists that are just "All I Want for Christmas Is You" 10 times come November 1, and...regular people. But even if your feelings about sleigh bells and frosted windowpanes are, at best, lukewarm, you might still enjoy Leona Lewis' "One More Sleep," a special, stripped-back version of which premieres exclusively here

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"One More Sleep" appears on Amazon’s "All Is Bright" playlist. STREAM IT

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Structured as a Yuletide countdown—in the tradition of partridges in pear trees, maids a-milking, etc.—but with a Motown vibe, the cozy track captures the atmosphere of anticipation that surrounds the season, as well as Lewis' longtime connection to Christmas music.

"I was so excited to record an acoustic version of 'One More Sleep,'" Lewis said. "The song actually originally sounded more like this when we first worked on it, really soulful and stripped back. Writing an original Christmas song was something I always wanted to do—growing up, so many of my favorite artists had Christmas albums, so this song really is a dream come true. I love the way it embodies the spirit of Christmas in such a fun way."

Listen to "One More Sleep" here before it appears on the Amazon Original playlist "All Is Bright," available to stream via Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music on November 24. And hit play below for a behind-the-scenes look, featuring some Lewis family home videos and one very festive dog.

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