Scary Proof That Disney Princesses Perpetuate Impossible Body Ideals

Their eyes are *literally* bigger than their stomachs.

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Obviously, Disney princess beauty defies the realms of humanity—I mean, that hair though. But since when (TELL ME) are person's eyes bigger than their waistlines? You know, except if you're looking in a fun house mirror.

Glenn Boozan from Above Average noticed that all of these women's stomachs are smaller than their peepers because that makes total sense. "Hungry, gals? You must be, because these animated Disney kweens' eyes are literally bigger than their stomachs!" she wrote in her blog post.

Don't believe it? She made these handy illustrations to prove her point:

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Attention Disney, graphic designers, cinematographers, illustrators, WHATEVER. Please take note: Your/our beloved princesses look just as great with normal-sized waistlines. But hey, don't listen to us, your biggest fans.

Noelle Devoe

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