Exclusive Trailer Debut: 'The Boy Downstairs' Is Your New Favorite Millennial Rom-Com

'Girls' star Zosia Mamet is back and at her very best.

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If you had high expectations for Zosia Mamet's post-Girls career, you'll be happy to know that they're likely to be exceeded by her new film, The Boy Downstairs. The movie stars Mamet as Diana—a twenty-something who moves back to Brooklyn after spending a couple years in London, only to realize that her downstairs neighbor is her ex-boyfriend Ben (played by Matthew Shear).

Ben and Diana's history is somewhat awkward thanks to the fact that she broke up with him before peacing off "across the pond" (people still say that, don't worry about it), and things get even more awkward/complicated (but also incredibly sweet) thanks to Ben's new girlfriend.

The Boy Downstairs is the directorial debut of Sophie Brooks, who—when asked about her inspiration for making the movie—tells MarieClaire.com, "Inspiration is always a little tricky to pin-down. I knew I wanted to work within the romantic comedy genre, and I certainly drew from my own life experience, but I never lived in my ex-boyfriend’s apartment building. That idea came after I was recovering from an appendectomy and thought it would be weird, and funny, and awkward, and oddly exciting if the only person who was around to take care of you was an ex…so the movie grew out of that—out of wondering what it would be like to see your ex in a time of need, or even every day."

Take an exclusive first look at the trailer below (and an exclusive look at the poster above!):

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The Boy Downstairs his theaters in NYC on February 16th and in L.A. on February 23rd. Additional cities to follow.


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