The 10 Funniest Women to Follow on Twitter

Besides me. (I kid, I kid not.)

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Name: Kelly Oxford 

Twitter name: @kellyoxford

Occupation: Author

Why you should follow: She created an entire career by sharing her hilarious thoughts on twitter. She now is a New York Times bestselling author, because life.

Name: Anna Kendrick

Twitter name: @annakendrick47

Occupation: Actress 

Why you should follow: She once made a masturbation joke about Ryan Gosling and didn't back down. We salute her.

Sample tweet:

Name: Vanessa Ramos

Twitter name: @thatRamosgirl

Occupation: TV writer, Bordertown and Superstore

Why you should follow: I mean, girl's got jokes. Plenty of them.

Name: Kristen Schaal

Twitter name: @KristenSchaaled

Occupation: Actress, Last Man on Earth

Why you should follow: First off, have you watched her interview with Seth Meyers about passing gas during a love scene? Yeah, that's reason enough to love her.

Sample tweet:

Name: Paula Pell

Twitter name: @perlapell

Occupation: Writer, Sisters and former SNL writer 

Why you should follow: Because she's brilliant. Duh. 

Sample tweet:

Name: Maude Apatow

Twitter name: @maudeapatow

Occupation: Actress 

Why you should follow: Maude—the daughter of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann—is known for her hilarious tweets about growing up and dealing with her younger sister. 

Sample tweet:

Name: Shalyah Evans

Twitter name: @ShalyahEvans

Occupation: Comedian, actress, and star of MTV's Girl Code 

Why you should follow: Her funny thoughts on life, women, and relationships don't just end on Girl Code. Enough said, really.

Sample tweet:

Name: Ana Gasteyer

Twitter name: @AnaGasteyer

Occupation: SNL alum, comedian 

Why you should follow: The hilarious comedian and mom tweets about everything from her commute to raising kids to one direction. The basics. 

Sample tweet:

Name: Tanisha Long

Twitter name: @TanishaLong

Occupation: Actress, writer, comedian, and star of Girl Code

Why you should follow: Pinterest jokes, junk food advice, and commentary on Lyft drivers are all present and accounted for.

Sample tweet:

Name: Sarah Beattie

Twitter name: @NachoSarah

Occupation: Writer, SNL contributor

Why you should follow: Not for the faint of heart. And that's why we love her.

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