The Spooky 'Riverdale' Season 3 Trailer Just Dropped and I Am Not Okay

Is this what it's like to be on jingle jangle?

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The CW

Riverdale shows no signs of slowing down or being any less creepy in its third season. The eerie first look at the return of the CW's hit drama series shows that the show is picking up right where it ended in its first season, with the town of Riverdale turned upside down. Just a few things featured in the Riverdale season three trailer include our favorite redhead Archie in handcuffs and in jail (presumably related to the end of the second season, when he was falsely arrested for murder); the trailer's ominous soundtrack informing us that this season will be about secrets; and Betty and Jughead seeming as strong as ever.

I'm super curious about why Archie got that killer serpent tattoo that takes up his right shoulder—and also why are FP and Alice Cooper in bed together, and what is going on in the woods?!

Is this Riverdale, or am I watching the first season of True Detective again? If anything, I'm hoping the cult imagery in this trailer leads to a crossover with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The CW never disappoints, even if I am creeped out.

Oh, and I'm absolutely terrified by whatever this is. I'm not sure if I even want to find out what it is.

The CW

Watch the trailer below and catch up on the second season on Netflix before the series' third season premieres October 10.

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