Channel Your Inner Spice Girl With a Sleepover In the Original 'Spice World' Bus

Don't forget to pack your platform shoes.

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I vividly remember being a little girl in south London dancing in front of the television to the musical stylings of the Spice Girls. I didn't just like their music. Ginger, Sporty, Scary, Posh, and Baby—I wanted to be them! The 1997 musical comedy Spice World solidified my love for the British pop group, and I fancied myself their sixth member, Millennial Spice. My friends and I would pretend to be the Spice Girls, screaming upbeat classics like "Wannabe" and "Spice Up Your Life" at the top of our lungs and presenting overly-dramatic renditions of "Viva Forever" in front of our adoring fans (our parents). From their wild style to their catchy lyrics, the Spice Girls were everything.

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Ready for a throwback? Twenty-two years later, super fans of the Spice Girls now have the opportunity to relive their fondest memories of Spice World with a one-night stay in the iconic Spice Bus, located in Wembley Park. Courtesy of Airbnb, up to three guests will be able to get wild in the newly renovated bus, fully equipped with cool features like pink Union Jack cinema chairs below a "Girl Power" neon light installation and vintage 90's inspired decor.

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Here's what it looked like in the original movie:

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The Spice Bus is a sacred and very meaningful space for Suzanne Godley, the host of the fabulous Airbnb offering and proud mega fan of the dynamic group. "The Spice Girls were my childhood obsession," she says. "My parents were subjected to my tone-deaf performances as Baby Spice, and I must have watched the Spice World movie hundreds of times. And while I have grown up over the years, I don’t think I’ve ever grown out of my love for them.” Umm, same.

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If the thought of living out your childhood dream of being a Spice Girl makes you "Holler," you'd better act fast—this once in a lifetime opportunity is only available from June 14-15!

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You can check out the listing on Airbnb website and book your stay on the iconic bus.

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