Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron Made the Internet Explode on the Finale of 'The Bachelorette'

Tyler and Hannah are officially going on a date, you guys, and it is everything I ever wanted from my first Bachelorette season ever. Also, the Internet has exploded.

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Spoilers for the finale of Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season ahead. Thank God!! Tyler and Hannah are officially together, you guys—basically, anyway!—and it is everything I ever wanted from my first Bachelorette season ever. The whole finale was a roller coaster, from Tyler reciting a speech he had very carefully memorized in preparation to propose to Hannah (just hand me the box of tissues, because I was weeping), then Hannah breaking his heart. Then allll the Jed terribleness, including a bunch of half-apologies for his behavior, and Hannah rising above like a boss. And then, in the last few minutes: Tyler coming out. Hannah grinning like a fiend. Hannah asking Tyler out on a date, and asking for them to be real people dating away from the show shenanigans. Tyler accepting. And then the Internet exploded. True love is REAL. Let's break it down.

When Jed played the guitar for the millionth time.

No thank you.

Poor Hannah times 100.

Honestly, the less said about Jed, the better.

Although, this meme was admittedly hilarious.

And then...things took a turn.

Here we go. It's HAPPENING.

The Internet had zero chill about the whole situation.

Me, definitely me:

Everyone was thoroughly, completely in shock:

Every member of Bachelor Nation:

And Chris Harrison was there to take us through it all.

We needed more Tyler.

Why did he only get a few minutes of screen time??

But now, no Tyler for 'Bachelor.'

Fans were sad/happy, all at once.

Even 'Bachelorette' veterans were wowed.

This, from Kristen Baldwin, who has recapped the show for EW for AGES. So you know if she's this happy, it must be a really special moment:

And this from ET:

Please let this be a sign.

I want this so so much.

He already has the proposal laid out!

Thank you, Lauren Zima, for the transcription.

Hannah + Tyler forever and ever, please.

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ABC's "The Bachelorette" - Season 14

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ABC's "Bachelor in Paradise" - Season Six

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