Who Will Be 'The Bachelor' In 2020? Rumors Are Already Flying

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Spoilers ahead for The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. We are still a while away from the 2020 season of The Bachelor, but—no surprise—there's already preliminary buzz about who might nab the coveted role, and who fans would love to see. Right now, it's mostly speculation, but as we get closer to the show's shooting schedule (production often starts in September) we'll update this post with more details.

We know it has to be a fan favorite.

It's not just about who can bring the maximum amount of drama: according to producer Alycia Rossiter, it's all about what the fans want. "We also look for is this person really ready to find the love of their life and get married?" she said. "We really want to find someone who honestly wants to get married and start their adult life in a partnership. There's so many factors. The audience has to love them, but if you love them and I think they're just in it for a rollercoaster ride that's no good for us."

So, authentic, charismatic, connected, and also doesn't have such an insane job that they can't take too much time away, as was the case of dentist Chris "Cupcake" Strandburg.

Some fans are rallying for John Paul Jones.

In fairly hilarious news, the quirkiest bachelor in town from Hannah's Bachelorette season went from being so annoying that fans couldn't even bear to hear his voice to being the one fans desperately want to lead a whole Bachelor season. I mean, that is the most impressive turnaround I've ever heard, but rumor is we'll be seeing him on Bachelor in Paradise, so he might not have been bookmarked for that role...at least not yet.

From this season's 'Bachelorette,' there are already some strong candidates.

To be clear, I am fully speculating here, but I'm also going based off of who's not on this year's Bachelor in Paradise list. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean anything—someone can go on BiP and then go on to be The Bachelor, as in the case of Colton Underwood, but it also may mean that someone who was beloved by fans and is NOT on the BiP shortlist might already be reserved for that special role.

The two that jump out immediately are Jed Wyatt and Mike Johnson. Jed, because he plays guitar, sings, and dances. According to Reality Steve, he juuuust loses out to Tyler Cameron for Hannah's heart (the second runner up is Peter Weber, who could also be a candidate but hasn't struck me as being a fan favorite thus far). He had good chemistry with the leading lady, and he's got a quiet but sweet presence about him. I wonder, though, if he's got enough there to make him a compelling leading man.

Veteran, finance guy, and "happy at life" Mike Johnson, on the other hand, has charisma for days. We have not yet had a non-white Bachelor. Much has been written about this already, and it's deeply upsetting, considering how many amazing black contestants we've had.

Mike, in particular, is funny, smart, unafraid to speak his mind, but not aggressive or mean-spirited. He's become friends with a lot of the other bachelors, in a protective and compassionate way (he refers to Luke Stone as his "guy" during the battle of the Lukes in episode 4) and he is not here for any petty sh*t. I think he's the best. So fingers crossed.

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