Who Gets Together on Bachelor In Paradise Season 6? Here's All We Know

We already know there's going to be a wedding.

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Spoilers ahead for this season of Bachelor in Paradise. Soon, Hannah Brown's The Bachelorette season will reach its inevitable conclusion, and then it's on to arguably the craziest, most drama-filled show in the Bachelor-verse. I'm speaking, of course, about Bachelor in Paradise, season six, in which all the craziest/most fun/epically melodramatic contestants all get together in the same place. I can't wait.

So what do we know about this season and what's going to happen? Luckily, you don't have to wait until the premiere on August 5 to get some spoilery intel.

Insane drama is coming—from one contestant in particular.

This, which comes (predictably) from Reality Steve:

If you don't remember, Blake is this guy from Becca's season:

And he is apparently making up for his time out of the spotlight (yikes). Reality Steve went on to further elaborate that "whatever you think it is, it’s worse than that." A fan tweeted him to ask if Blake was the new Dean Unglert, who's both very vocal and very hated. "No, he’s not the new Dean," replied Steve. "Dean only juggled two women." Oh NO.

So what does this mean?? I can at least infer from this speculation that Blake will be jumping between no less than three women, wow, and that he's making the whole season so far about him. It sounds like a nightmare for the contestants, but also highly watchable.

There's been a wedding between two fan favorites.

Former Bachelor in Paradise couple Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson threw an engagement party and were rumored to actually be getting hitched, in Mexico, during this season of BiP:

They had a bunch of show alums at the party, said Krystal. "We had quite a few Bachelor Nation members attend. Jade and Tanner, Ashley and Jared, Angela, Chelsea and Annaliese, Josh Murray, Heather and Katie from Colton's season. Everyone was having a great time together."

I wonder if because they couldn't have guests on the show, this engagement party served as their version of a big blowout where they invited all their friends to celebrate.

And it's going to be a huge deal.

People, meanwhile, has confirmed that Chris and Krystal did in fact get hitched. "[They] exchanged vows in front of fellow Bachelor Nation alum on—where else?—the site of their very first date in Mexico. 'We are so excited to start this new chapter of our lives together,' Nielson tells People exclusively. 'We will have each other’s backs forever.'"

The wedding was officiated by Chris Harrison (natch) at the Vidanta Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, and "Former Paradise castmates and Bachelor stars were on hand, including Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon, Becca Kufrin and Ben Higgins, to witness the I Do’s, which capped off a whirlwind romance." So this sounds like it is going to be a huge deal on the show—not just a fun and romantic scene, but a reunion of sorts from previous show participants.

Krystal posted a picture, no caption:

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by way of a potential spoiler (it looks different than the dress she's wearing in the People article, so it's probably a throwback). So amidst all of this apparent craziness will come a bit of sweet romantic love—yay!

A ton of fan faves, and a few villains, will be there.

We already have a (very preliminary) list, courtesy of Bachelorverse expert Reality Steve. The full list is here, but from Colton's Bachelor season, we have Tayshia, Demi (oohhhh Demi, you delight), Hannah G., AND Caelynn, just to name a few. We also have a few from Hannah's Bachelorette season, including John Paul Jones (the quirkiest of quirkys! Hooray!), Dylan, Connor, Cam (ugh), and Box King Joe Barsano/Farmer Matt Donald among others. It is going to be an ECLECTIC bunch, if you know what I'm saying. We should get the full list very very soon.

Filming likely started at the beginning of June.

This, per Reality Steve again, is based on what's happened in previous shows. He guessed that filming would start on June 6, and usually lasts about 18 days, apparently (that feels SO short to me, but what do I know). That makes sense for a late July premiere—it also means more spoilers should start trickling in soon.

We'll update this post as we know more.

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