Who Is Sarah Coffin on Peter's 'The Bachelor' Season?

One of the more intriguing contestants from Peter's season is Sarah Coffin. Not only have there been rumors that she's a major frontrunner, but that she's likely to become a part of the Bachelorverse.

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Spoilers for The Bachelor ahead. Peter Weber's Bachelor season in 2020 is going to be interesting—it's more "homogenous" than usual (sigh) in terms of pageant contestants, and there are a number of women who also work at airlines as flight attendants and pilots, in keeping with Weber's profession as a pilot. One of the more intriguing women, though, is Sarah Coffin.

There have been rumors that not only is Coffin a major frontrunner (and it's SO early in the season yet), but that she's likely to become a part of the Bachelorverse no matter how she does this season. So what do we already know about this potential (future) fan favorite?

She's from Tennessee.

I mean, Hannah Brown was from 'Bama, so maybe Weber has a thing for Southern girls? She's 23 (so five years younger than him), and a radiology student at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. According to Reality Steve, she has three siblings: PaigeJacob, and Sam. And according to her Pinterest, she's very into healthy eating, including a lot of plant-based stuff. Go Sarah! 

She was the rumored frontrunner.

This was also from Reality Steve, who noted that she checks a lot of the boxes in terms of positive Bachelor contestant attributes (young, attractive, seems like she has a sweet personality, does something different enough to potentially distinguish herself on night one).

Fans seemed to agree.

Fans weighed in when ABC released 33 photos of the "potential" women. And Coffin got a ton of positive reviews:

Fans on Facebook speculated she'd get the first impression rose, and that she looks "very real and genuine" in the same way that Weber did when fans first saw him.

But she's barely had any screen time.

Welp, I guess Weber's just not that into her. Have we seen her on-camera at all?? She did not get the first impression rose (that went to another Southern girl Hannah Ann Sluss). Coffin's still on the show as of this moment, but unless something drastically changes, there hasn't been much energy setting up her identity or status as a contestant. No intro package, no producer interviews (that I could see, but let me know if I missed any), definitely no one-on-one date. If spoilers are any indication, she will get a group date in this next episode, but it's not looking good for someone who had so much pre-show buzz. I'm sad about it, TBH!

For her part, Coffin's been sweet and vulnerable about her time on the show so far and is clearly a good sport about the whole thing. Weirdly, when Chris Harrison introduced her on his YouTube Live video (swipe for the video), he said she was a favorite in the house and also a favorite of Weber's, so...I don't know where he got that from.

If I had to guess, we'll be seeing more of Coffin on our TVs either way. Wouldn't she be perfect for Bachelor in Paradise?? Farmer Joe made an impression on night one of Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season, and it was a joy to see him, if briefly, on Paradise. I'd love to see a similar situation here.

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