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Who Is Sarah Coffin on Peter's 'The Bachelor' Season?


Potential spoilers for The Bachelor ahead. Peter Weber's Bachelor season in 2020 will be interesting—there are already rumors that it's more "homogenous" than usual (sigh) in terms of pageant contestants, and there are a number of women who also work at airlines as flight attendants and pilots, in keeping with Peter's profession as a pilot. One of the more intriguing women, though, is Sarah Coffin.

There have been rumors that not only is Coffin a major frontrunner (and it's SO early in the season yet), but that she's likely to become a part of the Bachelorverse no matter how she does this season. So what do we already know about this potential (future) fan favorite?

She's from Tennessee.

I mean, Hannah Brown was from 'Bama, so maybe Peter has a thing for Southern girls! She's 23 (so five years younger than Peter), and a radiology student at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. According to Reality Steve, she has three siblings: Paige, Jacob, and Sam.

She's the rumored frontrunner.

This is also from Reality Steve, who noted that she checks a lot of the boxes in terms of positive Bachelor contestant attributes (young, attractive, seems like she has a sweet personality, does something different enough to potentially distinguish herself on night one). But, again, it's so, so early, and no one knows anything just yet, so we have to wait and see.

Fans seem to agree.

Fans are already weighing in, since ABC released 33 photos of the "potential" women. And Sarah is already getting positive reviews:

Fans on Facebook are speculating she'll get the first impression rose, and that she looks "very real and genuine" in the same way that Peter did when fans first saw him.

If I had to guess, we'll be seeing more of Sarah on our TVs either way. Go here to read more about all of Peter's women, and what we know about them so far.

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