Who Does Peter Weber Get Engaged To on 'The Bachelor'?

ABC's "The Bachelorette" - Season 15
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Spoilers for The Bachelor ahead. Peter Weber (also known as the Windmill Hookup guy, also known as Pilot Peter) was the dark horse no one saw coming on Hannah Brown's season. As The Bachelor in 2020, he's going to get contestants and viewers excited, thanks to his sweet, laidback vibe, his job, and the fact that he looks like a Ken doll (Hannah's words!). Thanks to some very early spoilers, we already know a bunch about his season and what's ahead for the Spanish-speaking pilot from California. These are all the deets we know so far.

Filming is over, so Weber's made a decision.

Oh my God, it's happening. Weber has officially come to the conclusion of his season already—time has flown by. I'm unbearably excited to see the person he picks (presuming, of course, he picked someone at all), but as of this moment we still don't know. So now, we wait to hear from one of the various spoilery outlets to see who gets the verified news first. We know that January 6 is our premiere date for the show—and it cannot come soon enough, in my opinion. Spoilers are only as fun as we figure out who's who and what drama is going on behind the scenes, so get excited for a lot of information to start making its way in.

I can see who Steve has his eye on, but TBD what that means.

We have a first promo!

Before anyone asks, no, Weber doesn't bring Hannah Brown on his season so that the two can date, in public, again. She comes to visit twice to mess with Weber's head and cause drama this season, but it doesn't really impact the show's outcome:

Leaving that aside, it looks like there's a lot of weeping this season—no surprise, given what else we know about the season (below).

We know the final two.

I am dying from the suspense, you guys. We are thisclose to finding out who won/got the final rose/maybe got engaged. It's down to Madison Prewett, former pageant girl and Price Is Right winner, and Hannah Sluss, also a former pageant girl. Based on what little we know, there's not too much negative info on Prewett, but Sluss and another contestant apparently got into some show drama. But neither is as dramatic as the third girl, Victoria Fuller, who got eliminated after overnights and has some...unfortunate rumors circulating about her:

The gist is that before the show, she'd dated married men and broken up several marriages (including some with her close friends). She'd also dated musician Chase Rice, whom producers brought on to be a "special musical guest" for her one-on-one with Weber (lol). She's likely going to be painted as the villain this season, and she's apparently called out on her behavior during hometowns. As a matter of fact, Fuller got into a fight with the woman who spilled the beans just a couple days ago:

Hoo boy.

The finale apparently took place in Australia.

The international locations for some of the final dates, according to Reality Steve, were Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, and the finale took place in Australia for the first time in the show's history. As such, the spoilers that we've been getting from those later episodes are fewer than the U.S.-based dates, where everyone knows about the show and has a cameraphone ready to document it in excruciating detail. But everyone's back in the U.S. now, and we can officially commence looking at contestants' Instagrams in the hope that we might get some teeny tiny spoilers about the end result.

We learned the top four contestants.

Since we haven't seen one minute of screen time, it'll never not be amazing to me how quickly the show finishes shooting and we get our massive spoilers. Lo and behold, Weber got down to four women super-quick: Kelsey Weier (former pageant girl), Fuller, Prewett, and Sluss. As mentioned, there's apparently beef between Sluss and Weier, so prepare for that to take up a whole bunch of time and a lot of collective eye-rolling:

The spoilers might slow to a trickle, now that production's abroad, so start familiarizing yourself with these four now—all four are going to hometowns, one will be the winner (unless Weber pulls an Ari), and one might be The Bachelorette.

Oh, and in case you'd like a look at Weber's other picks earlier in the season, here are his top 15:

  • Hannah Sluss (first impression rose recipient)
  • Lexi Buchanan
  • Kelsey Weier
  • Mykenna Dorn
  • Deandra Kanu
  • Natasha Parker
  • Victoria Paul
  • Victoria Fuller
  • Tammy Ly
  • Kelley Flanagan (met Weber pre-show)
  • Sydney Hightower (went to school with Bachelorette Hannah Brown)
  • Shiann Lewis
  • Kiarra Norman
  • Savannah Mullins
  • Madison Prewett

    This will help you figure out who to watch—and who does well.

    There was a potential frontrunner, but she was eliminated.

    This had to be some kind of record, to have a possible frontrunner before shooting even started:

    This woman was later IDed as Sarah Coffin. Sarah's from Tennessee, a radiology student, and apparently has a sweet personality (and no dramatic rumors or spoilers on her, as with some other contestants). But Weber got rid of her early.


    Weber's been a little bit surprising in his choices. We also had two flight attendants (one, Jade Gilliland, is divorced and her former sister-in-law had some very mean thoughts about the casting)—but he eliminated them quickly. There's also a pilot, Alexis Thind, who was eliminated, meaning he didn't keep anyone in the same profession as him. A number of the pageant girls left early on, too.

    Interestingly, Sluss is good friends with Bachelor alum Hannah Godwin, and Sydney Hightower went to school with Hannah Brown. So we also know that several contestants have been kind of adjacent to the show's universe before coming on. That can bode well for them staying on the show, as we can see with Sluss.

    Spoilers on all of Weber's women here.

    Initial shooting was in L.A.

    Weber's from California, so this makes sense. Date four was in Cleveland and involved the Cleveland Browns. Locations for the international dates 5-7 were spoiled early (Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru). Shooting started on September 20, and spoilers came out of most of their U.S.-based dates:

    We already know that one group date saw the women dressing up in flight suits and Weber looking like he just walked out of a scene from Top Gun. There's more intel that there was another group date that had to be cancelled because Weber got food poisoning (OOPS). Oh and the fact that Weber now has an enormous cut on his face that required 20+ stitches and must be driving the producers insane.

    We know a bit about the women as a group.

    There was a little initial spoilery insight into Weber's women as a whole this season, and it's a teeny tiny bit depressing:

    Of course this means nothing in terms of how dramatic the season could be, it'll just make for a...homogenous season, potentially, which is an issue these shows do have.

    The Bachelor released sneak peek photos of the women who may be on the show ("may" being the operative word, as a few will probably be cut beforehand). Update: ABC has since deleted the entire album, and nobody's quite sure why:

    Based on my non-expert eye, it doesn't feel much different than previous seasons other than the fact that there are a TON of pageant contestants and winners. Reality Steve has more pictures and info from some of the women's bios, but we have four months to find out more about these women before we see them on screen, so TBD.

    Watch this space—we'll update when we know more.

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