Who Does Peter Weber Get Engaged To On 'The Bachelor'?

ABC's "The Bachelorette" - Season 15
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Spoilers for The Bachelor ahead. Peter Weber (also known as the Windmill Hookup guy, also known as Pilot Peter) was the dark horse no one saw coming on Hannah Brown's season. As The Bachelor in 2020, he's going to get contestants and viewers excited, thanks to his sweet, laidback vibe, his cool job, and the fact that he looks like a Ken doll (Hannah's words!). Thanks to some very early spoilers, we already know a bunch about his season and what's ahead for the Spanish-speaking pilot from California. These are all the deets we know so far.

There's already a potential frontrunner.

This has to be some kind of record, right? To know who's going to do well before shooting has even started??

Instagram spoiler accounts were speculating on a few women, but we now have confirmation: It's Sarah Coffin.


Sarah's from Tennessee, a radiology student, and apparently has a sweet personality (so far, no dramatic rumors or spoilers on her, as with some other contestants).

We also have two flight attendants (one, Jade Gilliland, is divorced and her former sister-in-law had some very mean thoughts about the casting). There's also a pilot, Alexis Thind, who became a pilot after her father passed away. He was, apparently, also a pilot, and taught her as much as he could before he got too sick. Now she encourages other women to become pilots, too. So, long story short, there are a few people who work in aviation just like Peter—and who might also be frontrunners.

Hannah Sluss, another contestant, is good friends with Bachelor alum Hannah Godwin, and Sydney Hightower went to school with Hannah Brown. So we also know that several contestants have been kind of adjacent to the show's universe before coming on. That usually bodes well for them staying on the show, too.

Spoilers on all of Weber's women here.

Initial shooting will be in L.A.

Weber's from California, so this makes sense. Date four will be in Cleveland and involve the Cleveland Browns. Locations for the international dates 5-7 have already been selected, although no one knows the order yet. Shooting starts on September 20, and expect spoilers to come from those public California dates:

We already know that one group date saw the women dressing up in flight suits and Weber looking like he just walked out of a scene from Top Gun. There's more intel that there was another group date that had to be cancelled because Weber got food poisoning (OOPS).

We know a bit about the women as a group.

There's a little initial spoilery insight into Weber's women as a whole this season, and it's a teeny tiny bit depressing:

Of course this means nothing in terms of how dramatic the season could be, it'll just make for a...homogenous season, potentially, which is an issue these shows do have.

The Bachelor released sneak peek photos of the women who may be on the show ("may" being the operative word, as a few will probably be cut beforehand):

Based on my non-expert eye, it doesn't feel much different than previous seasons other than the fact that there are a TON of pageant contestants and winners. One of them looks like a flight attendant, based on her necklace! (Apparently she's one of two.) Reality Steve has more pictures and info from some of the women's bios, but we have four months to find out more about these women before we see them on screen, so TBD.

Watch this space—we'll update when we know more.

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