Is Tobias Menzies, Prince Philip From 'The Crown,' Single?

It's very hard to tell.

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Tobias Menzies, who plays Prince Philip in seasons 3 and 4 of The Crown, has been in a ton of big shows recently—but this role might officially make him a household name. So, as some of you (read: me) might be wondering: Who is this very, very attractive actor dating? Speaking of—the degree of his attractiveness has actually been a bit controversial, given how Menzies plays the most evil character on Earth thanks to Outlander (ever heard of Black Jack Randall? Go Google it, I'll wait).

But I'm officially a Menzies fan, even before he graced us with his presence on The Crown. He also played the dumb-but-lovable Edmure Tully, who somehow, unbelievably, makes it to the end of Game of Thrones unscathed. Menzies has, for the most, kept his private life successfully under wraps, but let's investigate what we do know.

The reason why Menzies so tight-lipped about his personal life likely dates back to 2006. That's when Menzies found himself in a bit of controversy—he started dating Kristin Scott Thomas while the two were starring in a London production of As You Desire Me. The timing isn't exactly known, but rumor has it that she started a relationship with Menzies while still married to François Olivennes, and Scott Thomas and Menzies' relationship was the cause of her split and subsequent divorce.

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Menzies and Scott Thomas aren't together anymore...and we basically haven't heard a thing about Menzies' personal life ever sense. 

Obviously, this could also be a case of Menzies just being that good at hiding his private life—believe it or not, if paparazzi photographers aren't parked outside your house, it's actually not as hard as it sounds. Menzies is on Twitter, but (no surprise) doesn't really post about his private life, choosing instead to highlight causes he supports. He isn't on Instagram.

I remain very, very attracted to him. We'll also update this page if we learn more!

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