The Best 'The Bachelor' Memes From Peter Weber's Season

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 24
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As is by now pretty standard when it comes to ABC's The Bachelor, half the fun is in the memes. This season, because we have a chill (read: boring, sorry) Bachelor in the form of Pilot Peter Weber, in addition to some very intense ladies, the memes have basically written themselves. Fortunately, we seem to have gotten beyond some of the windmill and plane jokes, but I have a feeling those will come roaring back around family dates and overnights.

Ahead, I have selected just a few of the very best memes for your consideration. Considering that we have a ton left in the season, you can basically be guaranteed that it's only going to get better as the show goes on. And I cannot wait.

The champagne memes were spectacular.

Bachelor Nation, you did NOT let me down here:

I agree that this felt like really solid karma:

Ugh, I had just forgotten about Luke P:


This Peter-Hannah sitch was ridiculous.

People ribbed Weber on him going after Hannah Brown mid-way through his own damn season:

Don't worry, there was some angst reserved for Brown too:

HANNAH. WYD. Also, go Hannah!

Miss you so much, Tyler C.!

Oh god please no.

Fans are commenting about how "extra" the contestants already are.

Already, the ladies are so beyond dramatic. It's amazing.

OMG, I had not thought of this before, but it's so true!

Dang it, Luke P.!



At least we didn't get as many windmill jokes this ep?

And a little special something reserved for our Bachelor.

He's great! He's just a little forgettable. (Not sorry!)

Shirtless videos ftw:

There was a little political snark (loving, of course!):

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Relax we like them both it’s gonna be fine

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Seriously, though.

And don't you worry, we will absolutely be updating this throughout the season.

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