Who Is 'Bachelor' Star Madison "Madi" Prewett on Peter Weber's Season?


Spoilers for The Bachelor. In the run-up to Peter Weber's epic Bachelor season, a few contestants are already getting buzz. One of them is Madison Prewett, who hails from Alabama—kind of like Hannah Brown, should Weber have a type!—and is yet another pageant contestant in a season where there are many. Not much else is known so far (which makes sense, since it's early on) but a bit of sleuthing reveals what little we do know about Prewett. (We'll update as we learn more.) So who is Prewett, and why are early spoilers telling us she'll be an important part of Weber's season?

She's from Alabama.

Prewett's Instagram account lists her as a budding photographer. Prewett competed in Miss Alabama Teen USA, much like a number of other contestants this season. She also, hilariously, won an episode of The Price is Right by correctly guessing the price of various food items from the grocery and winning $8,000 (whoa! She understands TV and the nuances of game shows!). She says she saved the majority of her winnings. She even shared some of the footage on her Instagram:

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2018 you were too good!!!!!!

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We also know she's religious and family-oriented. She has a YouTube channel in which her two videos cover her service trip to Uganda:

And her connection to her faith:

Her father, Chad Prewett, is the Auburn basketball coach and occasionally posts photos of his family. Now we know Madison graduated in 2018, making her maybe 23?

Prewett's also super close to her mom and the rest of her family.

Her Instagram is public again.

Because the show has wrapped, Prewett is now back and public on Instagram, but she (obviously) hasn't published anything recent or revelatory about the season or even the fact that she's on the season:

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MOOD bc Lion King time

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But we do know her nickname is "Madi":

Watch her account, because there's more to come. Prewett will be one of at least two contestants from Alabama this season; Sydney Hightower went to high school with Hannah Brown.

There's not a ton of info out about her Bachelor run.

Much like Weber himself when he was on Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season, Prewett hasn't had any rumors of drama that I've seen. This, in contrast to a number of other bachelorettes this season—apparently it's some of the most intense infighting the show's ever seen—but the fact that Prewett is a pageant alum might mean she gets drawn into some of the conflict. She's a bit of this season's dark horse: The contestant who does really well, but quietly and perhaps in the background of some of the other craziness.

She makes it to the top four.

Surprise! Prewett is absolutely one to watch this season, because she makes it to the top four this season:

So TBD on what her story arc looks like and how she does—but she is one to watch.

Go here to read about everything we know about Weber's season, and the crazy, crazy drama that's coming out about the contestants.

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