Will Damian and Gigi From 'Love Is Blind' Actually Get Married?

So! Many! Questions!

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If you, like me, have an unhealthy obsession with Netflix's Love Is Blind, allow us to ponder together the question that has prevented me from sleeping soundly for the past week: Will Damian and Giannina, a.k.a. Gigi, actually get married?!

Netflix has done this interesting terrible thing where they don't drop all of the Love Is Blind episodes at once, forcing fans to anxiously queue up their Netflix tab at 3 a.m. EST on Thursday, February 27 to watch the show's finale titled, "The Weddings." (It will be longer than the normal one-hour episodes.) In the last episode that aired, we got a glimpse of Damian and Gigi's wedding all the way up to the moment they meet at the alter and Gigi says "I do," patiently waiting for an answer from Damian. Then the screen goes black.

The entire time Gigi walks down the aisle, Damian doesn't seem to exactly be crying...happy tears. To be honest, they look like Terrified Tears. Perhaps because he's not going to say "I do" back? Both Damian and Gigi have admitted they've gone through things in four weeks that couples normally go through in two years (essentially the point of the show). Gigi has shown Damian "all sides of herself," and at one point made a speech that will go down in reality television history:

Gigi says to Damian from the kitchen, "You know how you tell me this is the best sex of your life? Have you noticed that I don’t return the compliment? I don’t say it’s the best sex of my life, too…Why don’t you initiate it? Why don’t you seduce me, even though I jump on you every freaking second? Why don’t you just look at me and take it. I do not understand. Why can’t you just seduce me?"


As for what happens next, this morning Gigi posted an Instagram of herself holding a cup of coffee with the caption, "drink up buttercup today’s gonna be a big day" with a sun emoji. Though the final episode doesn't technically drop at midnight, Gigi could still be referring to the episode that will air in the middle of the night. In the pic, she's wearing a ring that's clearly not her wedding ring, but could that be a way to throw fans off?

Fans are also convinced that Gigi is the runaway bride Netflix shows in the Love Is Blind trailer, so there's that.

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At the end of the day, I ship Damian and Gigi...toxic fights and all. We shall see what happens tomorrow.

The Love Is Blind season one finale premieres Thursday, February 27 on Netflix.

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