Netflix's 'Love Is Blind' Is All Anybody Can Talk About

"Love Is Blind is better than most scripted TV."

Love Is BlindNetflix

In case you hadn't heard, the newest, greatest reality TV craze is Netflix's Love Is Blind. Fans have gone absolutely nuts over the premise—a handful of men and women fall in love inside pods that don't allow the two people to ever see each other—and as we head into the show finale, which drops Thursday, people are going nuts. As we wait with bated breath to see which of our couples made it all the way down the aisle (Lauren and Cameron forever!), allow me to present: The very best reactions to Love Is Blind so far.

Side note: If you aren't fully caught up, or haven't had a chance to watch the show yet, I tried not to spoil too many plot points, but a few may have snuck in there. You should definitely go watch before Thursday, though, because people are going to have thoughts about the finale.

Fans are shocked—shocked!—that they love it so much.

There are even some famous fans!

And the show's drawing a few comparisons to that reality tv show.

People are marveling over the utterly insane premise.

Oh Chrissy (lol).

A lot of people are All. In.

But some contestants are getting under people's skin.

One, in particular.

Although she wasn't the only one, TBH.

Seriously. You have to watch.

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