The 'Love Is Blind' Finale Was Absolutely Insane

We stan Cameron and Lauren!


Warning: Love Is Blind finale spoilers ahead.

Netflix finally (!) dropped the season finale of Love Is Blind. I'm not okay, and neither is the rest of the internet. Damian didn't end up saying "I do" to Gigi (she actually was the runaway bride in the trailer!), Jessica and Mark did not walk down the aisle together (shocker), Amber and Barnett actually did (good for them?), Kelly and Kenny didn't make it (I'm distraught), and Cameron and Lauren will live happily ever after (the world doesn't suck, after all!).

Naturally, Twitter has a lot of feelings:

After you've studied the reactions above, I'll leave you with these lovely stills from the finale, which essentially sums up this rollercoaster of a show:

When you realize that love is, in fact, not blind.
Poor Mark.

This isn't the end, though. On March 5, Netflix will release a reunion special for all of the couples and their body language says...a lot. Jessica and Mark aren't sitting next to each other (understandably), Cameron's arm is around Lauren, Amber is now a blonde (!), and Barnett looks like he's about to say something stupidly cringeworthy.

I love this show!

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