'The Last Dance' Wasn't Filmed in Michael Jordan's Real Home

If you've been watching the series, this isn't too shocking.

michael jordan of the chicago bulls pumps his fist

When you aren't focused on Michael Jordan cracking up at the footage The Last Dance crew hands him to watch on an iPad, you're likely paying attention to what's behind him—huge windows with ocean views, a seemingly empty room (in some shots), and a kitchen to his back left—if you're really looking for cues on the basketball icon's style when it comes to his home #aesthetic.

However, despite how obvious it may seem that the crew would film MJ's interviews in the comfort of his own home, The Last Dance actually isn't filmed in Jordan's real house located in Jupiter, Florida. He just wouldn't allow it. Instead, the crew found three different houses near his home to film in.

"He said that his home is his sanctuary," explains The Last Dance Director Jason Hehir, referring to Jordan's Jupiter mansion. "I asked to get on his private plane to shoot him going to a Nike meeting and he didn't want people on his plane. There are certain aspects of his life that he wants to keep private."

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If you've watched any of the eight episodes of the 10-episode ESPN documentary series so far, Jordan's request for privacy doesn't come as a shock. He's dealt with an overwhelming amount of public attention over the years considering he's, well, the most famous basketball player to ever exist. (Lebron fans, don't @ me.) That attention would inevitably come with criticism when it came to his gambling, and false rumors that his gambling somehow had a connection to the murder of his father, James Jordan, in 1993.

As for Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman's interviews, Pippen filmed in an empty house (his family had just moved in), and Hehir filmed Rodman in a hotel suite in West Hollywood, California.

The Last Dance airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on ESPN.


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