Why Netflix's 'Unsolved Mysteries' Has No Host

The series' longtime host, Robert Stack, died in 2003.

Netflix is giving the big ole' reboot to '90s-era true crime show Unsolved Mysteries. The popular show, created by Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove, premiered in 1987; it put out more than 600 episodes about everything from supernatural occurrences to mysterious disappearances, and came to an end in 2010. Much of Netflix's reboot will be similar to the original: There will be an unsolved crime, you'll hear the gritty details from the individuals close to the incident, and at the end of the program you'll be asked to visit unsolved.com if you have any information that could help crack the case. The main difference? There will be no host.

Yes, cue the violins: The one and only Robert Stack, the longest-running host of the series, won't be guiding us along. Sadly, the legendary presenter died in 2003 after working on the show for 15 years. So, how do you replace someone who became so crucial to the DNA of a show? You don't.

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"We have also opted for a hostless format, because the late, legendary Robert Stack was a singular and irreplaceable presence," Unsolved Mysteries producer Shawn Levy said in a press release. "In Robert's absence, we are letting the spirit and the strength of the stories carry the narrative. Above all, our aspiration was to make a new chapter worthy of his memory and of iconic contribution to this iconic series."

Yep, Netflix isn't looking for anyone to replace Stack, instead acknowledging what his presence did for the show when it was initially on air. It's the best kind of tribute to honor his legacy. Here's to a new chapter of solving unsolved mysteries!

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