Netflix's 'Indian Matchmaking' Is Your New Favorite Dating Show

Like Too Hot to Handle, but heartwarming.

Indian Matchmaking
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When it's this hot out, all you want to do is turn the AC up and go lie on the couch. Fortunately, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, and Hulu are at your disposal with enough on-demand entertainment (opens in new tab) to last you for eternity. But when something new and buzzy arrives, like Unsolved Mysteries (opens in new tab) or Love is Blind, (opens in new tab) we can't help but dive in fully—because who doesn't like shiny new things? And the latest and greatest on the streaming market is Netflix's Indian Matchmaking, which premieres July 16.

Here's the premise: Done with the horrifying downsides of dating apps (opens in new tab) and blind dates, young adults in the U.S. and India seek professional advice to help them find a partner. They enlist the services of Sima Taparia, a matchmaker who specializes in arranged marriages. Sounds intriguing, right? Here's everything to know about your new favorite dating series.

What's the format of Indian Matchmaking?

Indian Matchmaking

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Over eight episodes, famous Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia guides her millennial clients on their path to finding "the one." Throughout the season, we'll meet clients from Houston, Chicago, New Jersey (opens in new tab), Mumbai and more.

Most of these clients are tired of the digital dating scene we know and loathe, and just want to get down to business. After learning their interests, ambitions, and yes, their birth charts (opens in new tab), Taparia sets out to find a perfect match however she sees fit—sometimes having to travel across the country to find the other half. It's a dating documentary like no other, because, for once, we don't have to watch hot people parade around in confusing swimsuits (opens in new tab) "looking for love"—we actually get to witness people looking for the real thing while we learn about the culture and practices of arranged marriage. So, like, Too Hot to Handle (opens in new tab), but make it educational and meaningful.

Is the trailer out yet?

Yes, don't sweat! In the video, Netflix gives us a teaser about what's to come, offering us glimpses of the process that Taparia goes through with her clients. The trailer also reveals just how involved the parents are in the process, and shows some tough love from family members.

In one part of the trailer, one impatient mother says: "If he doesn't finalize, me and my husband are going to finalize the girl for him." Ah, family!

What's the cast like?

Here's what we know about some of the singles featured on the show: There's Aparna Shewakramani from Houston, Texas, who's the co-founder of My Golden Balloon, (opens in new tab)a travel website specializing in curated vacations for female travelers.

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Next, we have Nadia Jagasar from New Jersey, an event planner. Those are the only two cast members who have announced their involvement on the show thus far, but feel free to check back later after we snoop around for more info.

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