What Happened With Chloe and Mitchell After 'The Circle'?

The Too Hot to Handle star found a man who wasn't a catfish!

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Spoilers for season two of The Circle.

 Season two of Netflix reality hit The Circle has been great TV. The show follows the competition to become the most popular member of the social media platform The Circle, with contestants playing as either themselves or as catfish. Along with all the drama of the season (Savannah versus Terilisha! The Joker!), we also saw fan-favorite Chloe Veitch flirt her way through the game, with both catfish Trevor, a.k.a. DeLessa St. Agathe, and sweet, shirtless Mitchell Eason. Chloe may have ended the season as the runner-up, with DeLessa winning the $100,000 prize, but she didn't leave empty-handed!

During the game, Chloe had her sights set on a relationship with Trevor after The Circle ended, leaving Mitchell in the friend zone. Once Trevor was revealed to be a catfish, she quickly set her sights on Mitchell, and he was game! Since filming ended, both Chloe and Mitchell have said that they've been FaceTiming regularly since the finale. Here's what we know about this Circle couple.

What happened between Chloe and Mitchell during the finale?

The pair saw each other in person for the first time at the in-person finale, where Chloe was a finalist and Mitchell was a returning blocked player. When Chloe emerged from the Circle hallway she went straight to Mitchell for a hug, and he greeted her with British slang, calling her "my babes" and "well fit." Host Michelle Buteau quickly picked up on the vibes, asking Chloe whether she would move Mitchell into the boyfriend zone.

Later, we could see Chloe and Mitchell chatting in the background at the end of the finale. Apparently, even more happened off camera. Chloe told Refinery29 that the two kissed once production wrapped, before Mitchell had to travel back to the States. She said, "He was like, ‘Chlo, I can’t leave England without knowing if I could kiss you or not.’ And he asked if he could kiss me! It was so cute."

Are Chloe and Mitchell dating now?

Chloe has said in multiple interviews that the two have been FaceTiming every few days since The Circle stopped filming, and that Mitchell has become a big part of her life. The couple may not be official yet; they live far apart, with Mitchell in the U.S. and Chloe in England, and Chloe shared an Instagram post on Valentine's Day saying, "Happy GALantines from me myself and I."

However, in recent interviews, Chloe has described their relationship as more than a friendship. She told Cosmopolitan, "Because of the distance, it hasn’t got a label. But we get on really, really well and it is romantic. It’s not just a friendship, but we’ll see." And she's definitely sounds excited about him. Chloe told Bustle that her favorite thing about Mitchell is how he makes her feel. "When we talk, he lifts me up... He makes me feel so good about myself," she said.

Have they met up in person since the finale?

As of posting, Chloe and Mitchell haven't seen each other in person since The Circle stopped filming. Chloe did tell Bustle in a post-finale interview that she's plan a trip to the States. "I'm actually going out to America to see him next month," she said. She also mentioned that they've been having conversations about their future together. "He says that he's going to wait for me to get there and we can start a little journey together. When I see him, I’m sure he’ll give me a big cuddle."

Once they do meet up, maybe we'll get an official couple announcement. One thing we do know: Mitchell's mom, season 1 Circle player Tammy, is Team Chloe. “His mum said that I’ve got her approval,” Chloe said.

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