Casey Wilson Shows Us Her Dining Room-Turned-Library in 'Shelf Portrait'

Casey Wilson shows Marie Claire her book collection in the latest episode of 'Shelf Portrait.' Find out her favorite books and order them for yourself here.

Casey Wilson gives us a peek into her dining room-turned-library in Marie Claire’s latest episode of Shelf Portrait, where celebrities, influencers, and famous bookworms invite us inside their homes to show off their personal libraries.

In the video, the actress and The Wreckage of My Presence author reveals some of her favorite books, including Nora Ephron's The Most of Nora Ephron, David Sedaris' Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002), Maya Angelou's book of poems called Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water 'fore I Diiie (her mom gave her this copy that's "close to her heart"), and Anne Tyler's The Amateur Marriage.

Wilson also loves Nicole Byer's #VeryFat #VeryBraveEleanor Estes's The Hundred Dresses (a childhood favorite!), Elizabeth Antonia's Early Riser Companion, and Claire Kells's Girl Underwaterwhich happens to be her sister-in-law's book!

Watch Wilson's full Shelf Portrait video above, then order some of her favorite books for yourself, below.


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