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Season 3 of 'Manifest': What We Know

It's confusing, I know.

manifest season 3

Taking Netflix by storm in recent weeks is the NBC drama Manifest, which follows the lives of the passengers of a commercial flight that took off from Jamaica and landed in New York five and a half years later. Part sci-fi drama (Lost), part gripping family drama (This Is Us), Manifest sat atop Netflix's top 10 most-watched programs for almost a month, and continues to hold steady at number two (outdone only by Virgin River). Confusingly, however, there are three seasons available—but only seasons one or two of Manifest are available to stream on Netflix. So, if you're done with seasons one and two, how can you stream season three?

Luckily, the entirety of season three is available to stream on Hulu. It's confusing, I know, and it's because Manifest is neither a Netflix show nor a Hulu show. Manifest was made by NBC, who cancelled the drama after three seasons...before it became a low-key megahit on Netflix and gained a whole new audience. Netflix, too, declined to renew Manifest for a fourth season, although fans continue to try and change Netflix's mind using the hashtag #SaveManifest.

Said creator Jeff Rake to Entertainment Weekly: "There's a lot of questions over whether Hulu would want to take over since season 3 of the show lives on Hulu… which is so confusing and complicated for the new fans to comprehend. Like, how challenging it is to be a consumer out there, to binge the first two seasons on Netflix fans and think they've seen everything that there is to see? A lot of them didn't even realize that there's a third season sitting over on Hulu. It's so crazy and convoluted."

But the availability of season three is great news—if you have Hulu, that is. And if you don't, you can get a free trial here. (Be warned: You'll find it hard to unsubscribe. It's the destination for immediate re-watching of many of your favorite cable shows, including The Bachelor franchise, This Is Us, and more. Oh, and did I mention it has One Tree Hill?)

watch season 3 of Manifest on Hulu

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