NEED TO DOWNLOAD: Sultry Spring Tunes

99-CENT DJ MC's sultry playlist for your next spring fling


Restrained for the song's comely, '70s California pop beginnings, Potter, a throaty powerhouse, ultimately lets loose her blow-the-doors-off wail. Stand back.


Acoustic guitar, banjo, and hushed boy-girl vocals sweep along percolating electronics and kitchen-sink percussion—intimate pop that's somehow both breezily childlike and lustily adult.


Grunge-era college-radio faves return with stomping, punky pop. Dutch singer Carol van Dijk's take-no-shit vocals sweetly swipe lipstick on top of wicked guitar snarls.

"Caught in the Crowd," KATE MILLER-HEIDKE.

The quirky Aussie pop star's gamine vocals lend a plainspoken poignancy to this tale of going along with the high school crowd at the expense of a sweet boy.

"Better Things to Do," SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGS.

Jones, a former prison guard, boasts a voice that's commanding and brawny in this fiery, strutting kiss-off to a wayward man.

"Maneater," THE BIRD & THE BEE. 

This retro-cute band's electro-pop rethink of the Hall & Oates classic is silky and adorable, adorned with flirty frills perfect for dressing up singer Inara George's sinewy whisper.