Guess What? Your Kids Are Boring

A new study shows some parents think their own kids are total snooze fests.

Some revelatory news from across the pond: A new survey found that a majority of parents think their kids are boring too. The UK-based news outlet The Independent reported that out of 2000 parents, 30 percent admitted spending time with their offspring was a total snore fest. (The Disneyland Paris-funded poll also learned that of those questioned, 21 percent had "forgotten how to play with their children." Yikes.)

Hear that moms and dads? The next time you try to recount what little Esther, Bishop or Rhubarb did at school, or give us the latest on Gymboree, ballet class and the various other activities they are enrolled in, here's how it's going to go down:

"You'll never believe what [insert absurdly outdated or made-up child's name here] did today!"



"Just stop. Quit the act."

"What are you talking about?"

"It's great that you have your kids. They are super adorable. But for some of us, they're not all that stimulating. Books, movies, fine dining...These are conversation topics. Not spitting, not drooling and certainly not having the ability to crawl around on the floor like the drunken uncle nobody talks about."

Perhaps the finding should not elicit such an extreme response. Nevertheless, we're all in on the big secret: You sometimes tire of dealing with your kids as much as we could do without hearing about them.

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