Choose Your Own Music Festival Adventure

It's time to buy your tickets! Not sure which event is right for you? Use our cheat sheet to help you come up with your game plan.

music festival
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March 12 — 17, Austin, Texas (

Expected number of attendees: 20,000.

Perennial favorite artist: Kanye West.

Ubiquitous outfit: Vintage dresses, crocheted shorts, Justin roper boots.

Trend to avoid: Never go full cowgirl.

Typical meal: Tacos and BBQ.

Hookup potential: Low. It's hard to meet someone when everyone is glued to their iPhones tweeting.

Overheard in the Porta-Potty line: "You haven't heard of the band? They're gonna be huge."

Instagram-able moment: Surprise appearances at the Fader Fort.

Must-follow Twitter: @Austinist.


March 15 — 17 and March 22 — 24, Miami (

Expected number of attendees: 300,000.

Perennial favorite artist: Annie Mac.

Ubiquitous outfit: Neon, bikinis, neon bikinis, nightclub-branded sunglasses, Venessa Arizaga friendship bracelets.

Trend to avoid: Tutus.

Typical meal: Skittles and $5 water.

Hookup potential: Very high — lots of scantily clad dancing in close quarters.

Overheard in the Porta-Potty line: "Wait — is that girl naked? Oh, she's just wearing pasties."

Instagram-able moment: Swedish House Mafia's last ever performance. Expect insane pyrotechnics.

Must-follow Twitter: @Standardmiami.


April 12 — 14 and April 19 — 21, Indio, California (

Expected number of attendees: 480,000.

Perennial favorite artist: Radiohead.

Ubiquitous outfit: Dresses from, Cult Gaia flower crowns.

Trend to avoid: Headdresses. Just, no.

Typical meal: Korean BBQ and a watermelon slice.

Hookup potential: High — seemingly everyone is attractive and shirtless.

Overheard in the Porta-Potty line: "You need to get to the main stage four hours early to get a good spot."

Instagram-able moment: The Ferris wheel at sunset.

Must-follow Twitter: @Harleyvnewton.


June 7 — 9, Randall's Island, New York (

Expected number of attendees: 63,000.

Perennial favorite artist: Santigold.

Ubiquitous outfit: Designer cross-body bags, Westward Leaning sunglasses.

Trend to avoid: Black.

Typical meal: A Luke's lobster roll.

Hookup potential: High — if you meet someone from the same borough.

Overheard in the Porta-Potty line: "My friend's friend is going to get us backstage."

Instagram-able moment: The New York City skyline on the ferry ride over.

Must-follow Twitter: @BFA_NYC.


June 13 — 16, Manchester, Tennessee (

Expected number of attendees: 80,000.

Perennial favorite artist: Phish.

Ubiquitous outfit: Tie-dye, sunscreen, wellies.

Trend to avoid: Feathers.

Typical meal: Organic and vegan street food.

Hookup potential: Depends. Do you mind that your possible mate hasn't showered in 72 hours — in the 95-degree heat?

Overheard in the Porta-Potty line: "Things got really weird after we went back to his tent."

Instagram-able moment: The giant waterslide at Splash-A-Roo.

Must-follow Twitter: @Bonnaroo.


August 2 — 4, Chicago (

Expected number of attendees: 250,000.

Perennial favorite artist: Florence and the Machine.

Ubiquitous outfit: Denim cutoffs, trendy hats, cool sneakers (the main stages are a mile apart).

Trend to avoid: Leaving your wristband on for a week after the festival. We get it — you went to Lolla.

Typical meal: A Chicago dog from Chubby Wieners.

Hookup potential: Low — the shows end at 10 p.m., not leaving much time for romance to blossom.

Overheard in the Porta-Potty line: "I think I know that guy. Was he a Sigma Chi?"

Instagram-able moment: Buckingham Fountain in the a.m.

Must-follow Twitter: @MTVstyle.