The Place Where Millennials Check Their Instagram May Shock You

How about that?

social media toilet
(Image credit: Getty)

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the latest Nielsen study that describes the embarrassing yet totally accurate details of what you really do in the bathroom—let's just come clean. You know you do this. Or at least some version of this. You know I do this or some version as well. At this point, it's becoming statistically unlikely that we don't. We're closer now! How nice.

According to a new Nielsen study, which was reported on in the Wall Stret Journal, 40 percent of young adults (ages 18-24) use social media while in the bathroom. This is nearly double the amount compared to the average, which was 21 percent of respondents.

As for the remaining 60 percent? We can only imagine they are just not comfortable admitting that they like Facebook posts or favorite tweets from the restroom, or that they are using their phones, but not on social media.

A study published in May 2013 found that 75 percent of 2,000 people surveyed admitted to texting while in the bathroom—which means that we have all officially reached an alarming inability to unplug. It also means that the photo you just offered to take from some stranger's cell phone is actually covered in gross bathroom germs. Yikes.

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