The Best Music Videos of 2017

When life gives you lemons, make a Young Thug visual.

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Look what you made me do (pick the top music videos of the year, which no, does not include the one referenced, shrug). Interesting that in today's attention-span-of-a-flea age that people would still want to sit down and focus on one thing for three minutes, but when done right, a good visual can really augment a record's message. Ahead, in no particular order beyond alphabetical, the very best of the year so far.

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2 Charlotte Gainsbourg, "Bad Valentine"

The tune (choon) itself is a bop—from an album armed to the teeth with mega collaborations (Daft Punk, Paul McCartney)—but the visuals really stick with you, as Gainsbourg and Dev Hynes of Blood Orange fame play a couple we see together from childhood to old age. Add an interpretative dance through a sculpture garden, and you've got an impactful, emotional love story told elegantly.

3 Charli XCX, "Boys"

Who said you couldn't have a rollicking good time while playing on the idea of the male gaze? Featuring such delights as shirtless Mac DeMarco licking a guitar, Joe Jonas digging into a stack of pancakes, and various other male friends of the artist whom you will Google afterward. Double A-pluses for concept and execution.

4 DJ Khaled, "Wild Thoughts"

It has Rihanna dancing in it, which makes anything, even DJ Khaled shouting his name at random intervals, oddly enjoyable.

5 Dua Lipa, "New Rules"

Into the choreography (group hair-brushing) and long shots (best use of a hotel corridor), but mostly into that very specific girls-for-girls act of counseling a friend through getting over a f*ckboy. Don't pick up the phone.

6 Grimes, "Venus Fly"

You can spot a Grimes video from a mile away, and this is no different. Sick costumes, liberal use of slo-mo, and some kind of animé Beauty and the Beast narrative going on. Not sure, but it's visually arresting.

7 Jay Z, "Moonlight"

Here's where it gets really subversive: with a shot-by-shot remake of a Friends episode but with an all-black cast, including Issa Rae, Tiffany Haddish, and Lakeith Stanfield. A succinct, sly way of commenting on race in Hollywood and, in a way, Jay Z's own identity, as he does elsewhere in 4:44.

8 Kendrick Lamar, "Humble"

Even among the best, Dave Meyers' 95 Theses remains, far and away, the very best. That's because you've got religious allegory, Kendrick's head ablaze, The Last Supper (but not with all white people), and generally, a cinematic, marvelously high-quality effort.

9 Selena Gomez, "Bad Liar"

That little twist at the end alone earns this a spot on our list, but so do that hazy, yellow-tinted Dazed and Confused aesthetic and Selena Gomez playing a no-good, cheating school employee, his wife, his daughter, and the feather-banged gym teacher.

10 Young Thug, "Wyclef Jean"

See here, kids—this is how you turn failure into an opportunity. When Young Thug failed to show up for his own video shoot, director Ryan Staake cobbled together a hilarious story with the footage he did have, including Thugger eating Cheetos in front of a plane. Iconic.

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