17 Gifts for Book Lovers That Are Truly Chic


What is it about winter that makes curling up with a good book one of the most luxurious experiences ever? Maybe it's because reading takes us away from the hellscape we've been living in (even if what you're reading is a dystopian novel). Whatever the reason, buying someone a gift that celebrates the written word is a sure-fire way to warm their heart this holiday season.

Below, we've compiled a list of 16 gifts for book lovers that are genuinely chic and cool—no cheesy sayings screen-printed onto pillows, promise. Give the literature fanatic in your life something they'll love as much as Pride and Prejudice.

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Books Candle

Now she can conjure that irresistible new-book smell in any room in her home. 

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Book of the Month Club

Give the gift of reading an actual *book* to your friend who's way too attached to their Kindle.

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Red Vintage NYPL Stamp Tote Bag

This cherry red bag is decorated with the original (we're talking circa 1895) stamp of the New York Public Library. Obsessed.

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New Kindle Paperwhite

For the speed-reader who checks books off her list at a break-neck speed, the Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect gift. This new version includes twice the storage, plus it's actually waterproof, which will come in handy when she's ploughing through Harry Potter 1, 2, 3, and 4, poolside.

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A Personal Library Kit

For that friend who lends out their books and then gets really bitter when they go missing, may we suggest this special library card creator. They'll never hesitate before lending again. 

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Sense and Sensibility
Penguin Books amazon.com
$19.20 (23% off)

Every classic-looking Penguin clothbound series book is a beautiful object, but doesn't this just seem like the way God intended you to read Jane Austen? 

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The Weather Umbrella

For when you want your rain gear to be both bookish and meta.

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The Literary Collection Loose Leaf Tea
First Edition Tea Co. etsy.com

A loose leaf tea collection inspired by classic works like Alice in Wonderland and The Great Gatsby will help your bookish buddy stay caffeinated enough to read to the end. 

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Ion Lamp C-Series

A cute, vintage-looking, not-too-bright lamp that your bookworm friends can read by before bed. 

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Fall in Love Collection

A series of sweetly formatted books about the greatest love stories ever told. Swoon.

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Virginia Woolf Literary Art Print

A gorgeous, minimalist print that says I know good books and good art.

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Natural Agate Bookends
JIC Gem amazon.com

An affordable, aesthetically pleasing pair of agate bookends so they can show off their collection in style.

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Bookbinding Kit

Self-publishing gets extremely IRL with this professional-looking bookbinding kit that offers both a user-friendly process and a beautiful finished product. 

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"Christmas at the Burrow" Candle

Is there a scene written more beautifully about what it is to be home for the holidays than J.K. Rowling's description of the Weasley house at Christmas? Well, now there's an 8 oz. soy candle to conjure that holiday magic.

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What I Read Mini Journal

A place where your gift receiver can keep track of what books they've read, what they thought about them, and what they want to read next. For the organized book lover.

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Vintage Book Earrings

These dainty origami swan earrings are actually made from vintage book pages! Chic and nerdy!  

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Bookish Decal + Laptop Sticker
iGotCrafts etsy.com

This sassy and affordable decal is perfect for the coworker who's always giving you top-notch book recommendations. Just sayin'. 

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