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15 of the Best Gifts for Weed Lovers That Aren't Cheesy

No corny pot leaves or dumb puns—promise.

Courtesy/Morgan McMullen

Even just a few years ago, the majority of marijuana accessories used to be all pot leaves and terrible puns. But with the legalization of weed in 11 states and counting (plus decriminalization in plenty more), pot-adjacent products have experienced something of a glow-up in recent months, and truly artisanal pieces crafted from gorgeous materials abound.

With that in mind, here are 15 of the best gifts for weed lovers that aren't cheesy and bro-ish—for the people in your life who enjoy legal mary jane but refuse to sacrifice style to do so.

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1 A Pretty Grinder
Moore amazon.com
$10.59 (18% off)

There's no reason the most utility-focused marijuana accessories shouldn't also be sparkly and beautiful, right? 

2 A Cannabis Candle
Malin + Goetz malinandgoetz.com

The "spicy, herbaceous" scent of this best-selling candle from ultrachic beauty brand Malin + Goetz is a cool, universally legal way to spark something up. 

3 Lavender Bath Bomb
CBD Living cbdliving.com

A yummy, naturally-scented bath bomb housing 60 mg of soothing CB means bath time just got even more relaxing. 

4 A Weed Cookbook
Penguin Random House amazon.com

From the creators of Vice's food website, Munchies, comes the adorable Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed, which features a slew of marijuana-centric recipes. 

5 "Aurelia" Stoneware Pipe

Made from nature but with some added flare (22-karat gold accents), this ceramic smokable pipe is chic and unique.  

6 Weed Cutie Dad Hat

This hat is a cute and cheeky way for your loved one to show his or her enthusiasm for herbal refreshments. 

7 24K Gold Rolling Papers
Shine amazon.com

A 12-pack of 24-karat gold rolling papers, to make joints very chic. 

8 Planchette Pipe
MudHedz etsy.com

Could these Ouija board pipes be any more on-trend? You have the occult, the stoner-y, and the pastel in one product. I mean, come on.

9 Hemp Oil Tincture
atEASE amazon.com
$51.80 (35% off)

Aside from just looking cool, the hemp oil in this tincture is legal in all 50 states and may provide anti-inflammatory benefits while helping your loved one feel less stressed. 

10 Bubble Bowl Ashtray
Love + Destroy shop-tetra.com

These ceramic bowls are technically ashtrays, but they're so cute that you could give them to your friends who never touch weed and they'd still be stoked to receive them. 

11 A Sleek Vaporizer
Pax paxvapor.com

The cult favorite Pax 3 vaporizer comes in a bunch of cute colors, but this stoner-stereotype-defying rose gold one is pretty undeniable. 

12 A Collection of Edible Recipes
Chronicle Books amazon.com

Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen by Stephanie Hua takes its cannabis-focused recipes seriously, even though the end results are tiny, adorable bites that would be amazing even sans weed. 

13 Hard Edge Lighter
Tsubota Pearl shop-tetra.com

These minimalist, hardy lighters come in a bunch of cute colors and will last way longer than some cheapo lighter from the bodega. Hey, maybe your friend won't lose this one as easily either!

14 Oracle Pipe
Concrete Cat shop-tetra.com

These gorgeous concrete pipes look more like modern art than marijuana accessories. Of course, why not use them as both?

15 Chroma Rolling Tray
Other Kingdom shop-tetra.com

These rollings trays could also be used as serving trays—they're that gorgeous. 

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