11 Netflix Cooking Shows for When Your Cereal and Wine Diet Isn't Cutting It Anymore

Delicious with a side of entertaining.

The Great British Bake Off
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Netflix and food go together like carne asada tacos and tequila, which is to say, perfectly. So it only seems natural to explore the streaming service's vast catalog of food related content when you get hungry for a new show to binge. Whether you're a lover of fine dining, a purveyor of street carts, or a food novice who is craving some tips to upgrade your grilled cheese, Netflix has plenty of cooking shows perfect for any appetite. Take, for instance, Ugly Delicious, which explores a variety of cuisines from the most luxe eating experiences to Domino's Pizza. Or The Great British Bake Off which has surely convinced millions of people that they, too, can craft a sponge cake worthy of Paul Hollywood's iconic "good bake" stamp-of-approval. And for those among us (me!) who prefer to Seamless their meals, you can still enjoy a buffet of Netflix's cooking content that doubles as travel porn.

From Street Food to Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, these cooking shows on Netflix are sure to whet your appetite. The best part? No reservation required.

1. 'Salt Fat Acid Heat'

Based on her bestselling cookbook by the same name, Samin Nosrat teaches viewers about the four major tenets of cooking: salt, fat, acid and heat. You'll either finish the show a master chef or very hungry.

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2. 'Street Food'

Lovers of travel (and eating) this one's for you. Street Food takes viewers on tours of Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, India, and more to explore the culture of food carts and stalls that makes each country's cuisine vibrant, unique, and, of course, delicious.

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3. 'Sugar Rush'

This show is as sweet as they come. In the cooking competition series, bakers have a limited amount of time to craft confections worthy of a $10,000 grand prize.

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4. 'Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner'

Whether you love to eat or you just love Chrissy Teigen, this one's for you. In Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, chef David Chang explores different cities around the world with Hollywood's finest, from Teigen to Seth Rogen to Lena Waithe. You'll be booking a ticket to Marrakesh in no time.

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5. 'The Final Table'

Final Table is not for the cooking faint-of-heart. The culinary competition features 12 chefs tasked with preparing dishes from around the world, in hopes of impressing celebrity judges, food critics and iconic chefs. Your grilled cheeses might feel woefully inadequate after watching this, but, hey, cooking can be aspirational.

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6. 'The Great British Baking Show' 

Calling lovers of all things good, wholesome, and British. This iconic competition show for amateur cooks will quickly charm you—Mary Berry is a national treasure—and leave you Googling bread recipes while humming "God Save the Queen."

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7. 'Chef's Table'

Each episode of this Netflix series focuses on a different world-renowned chef speaking about their culinary styles and cooking inspiration. It's your once-in-a-lifetime chance to peek behind the curtain apron of Michelin-starred chefs like Cristina Martínez, Niki Nakayama, and Asma Khan.

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8. 'Ugly Delicious' 

Celebrated chef David Chang—known best for his restaurant group, Momofuku—takes viewers along as he dines with his celebrity friends (Jimmy Kimmel, Aziz Ansari) and learns more about, well, food. Prepare for some controversial opinions about beloved hot spots (is Domino's pizza really that good?) and a belly full of...laughs.

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9. 'Cooked'

Cooked is 1/3 food show, 1/3 history lesson, and 1/3 science class (mix in a large blow; bake at 350 degrees). Based on the book by Michael Pollan, the Netflix docu-series examines how cooking has evolved over time and how the elements—fire, water, air, earth—contribute to food prep. You'll learn lots about bread, fermentation, cheese, and processed foods—and hopefully be compelled to roll up your sleeves and get cookin'.

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10. 'Taco Chronicles' 

You had me at "taco." The Spanish series explores the mouth-watering history of different taco styles from al pastor to carne asada. For added flavor: The show is beautifully shot and even personifies the food with dramatic voiceovers.

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11. 'The Chef Show'

Chef Roy Choi and Jon Favreau (who first worked together on the 2014 film Chef) reunite for this cooking show where the two experiment in the kitchen and explore the nation's best restaurants alongside celebrity A-listers and popular chefs. If you've ever wanted to get a cooking lesson from Gwyneth Paltrow or eat a meal with the Avengers cast, consider this show your exclusive invite.

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