The Best Memoirs of 2020 Are Too Good Not to Read


Yes, everything sucks right now and most of us are reading fiction to escape the current reality we're living in, but putting yourself in someone else's reality technically counts as an escape...right? The incredible new memoirs of 2020 range from heartbreaking (see: Stephanie Danler's Stray) to juicy (yes, I'm talking about Jessica Simpson's Open Book), giving us an inside look into these authors' lives and sharing lessons that we can apply to our own. Take a deep breath, then dive into these picks, below.

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1 'Open Book' By Jessica Simpson

This isn't your typical celebrity memoir. Jessica Simpson's Open Book is truly an open book (!), where she discusses everything from her relationship with ex John Mayer to her marriage and divorce from Nick Lachey. 

Available February 4, 2020

2 'Find Your Path' By Carrie Underwood

For all of the fitness junkies out there, Carrie Underwood's Find Your Path includes meal plans, recipes, and weekly workout to get those legs Underwood swears she wasn't born with. Her workout is known as Fit52, which involves a deck of cards and home exercises—a perfect option as we remain inside for the foreseeable future.

Available March 3, 2020

3 'Recollections of My Nonexistence' By Rebecca Solnit

Rebecca Solnit, author of Men Explain Things to Me, shares her formation as a writer and feminist in 1980s San Francisco, where women were still far from being accepted into society. 

Available March 10, 2020

4 'Untamed' By Glennon Doyle

Bestselling author Glennon Doyle's Untamed is a beautiful memoir from the activist and speaker that explores lessons of motherhood, family, and divorce. 

Available March 10, 2020

5 'The Upside of Being Down' By Jen Gotch

Jen Gotch, founder of, has always been incredibly open about her mental health on Instagram, and now she's bringing her refreshing authenticity to her new book, The Upside of Being Down. She shares how she went from a child growing in Florida struggling with bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety, and ADD to accidentally becoming an entrepreneur and running a multimillion-dollar lifestyle brand.

Available March 24, 2020

6 'The Rural Diaries' By Hilarie Burton Morgan

Hilarie Burton Morgan, best known as Peyton Sawyer in One Tree Hill, writes an honest depiction of how she transformed from actress to farmer in upstate New York, reconnecting to the land she grew up in and navigating motherhood. 

Available May 5, 2020

7 'Incomparable' By Brie and Nikki Bella

The Bella twins are back! In Incomparable, Brie and Nikki Bella reflect on their journey from becoming WWE stars to founding companies like Birdiebee, Nicole + Brizee Beauty, and Bonita Bonita Wine. Oh, and they're both expecting babies. 

Available May 5, 2020

8 'Stray' By Stephanie Danler

Stephanie Danler's Stray shares the heartbreaking story of the Sweetbitter author's life that ends up taking a turn when she's forced to return to Southern California. There she confronts her past and her relationships with her mother, who struggled with alcoholism and suffered a brain aneurysm, and her father, who abandoned her family when she was three.

Available May 19, 2020

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Danler’s father had a brain aneurysm. It was her mother who suffered the aneurysm. We also used the word handicapped to describe the condition instead of disabled. We apologize for both errors.

9 'This Is What America Looks Like' By Ilhan Omar

U.S. House Representative Ilhan Omar documents her journey from fleeing Somalia to becoming one of the first Muslim women elected to congress in 2018. 

Available May 26, 2020

10 'A Very Punchable Face' By Colin Jost

Honestly? The award for the best memoir title goes to Colin Jost's A Very Punchable Face, where Jost tells hilarious behind-the-scenes stories about his days on the set of SNL...and pretty much everything else.

Available July 14, 2020


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