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The Prints by Black Women Artists Your Walls Have Been Missing

You're going to need a lot of Command strips for this haul.

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Design by Susanna Hayward featuring art from Cathy Charles, Lo Harris, and Dorcas Magbadelo

If you, like me, are always on the hunt for your next great art find, you've come to the right place. While it's fun now and then to hop on a trendy home decor website, pick a basic print, and be on your way, I'd argue there's no better feeling than buying a meaningful piece by an up-and-coming creative to support the person who created it. In light of the current protests going on in our country, it's important to commit yourself to investing in Black creatives, now and always. Ahead, 16 Black female artists whose talents range from mixed media to graphic design. Get ready to make some more room on your walls; I know I am.


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'Girl Power' by Cathy Charles



If you have a monochrome space that could use a small, vibrant piece, you've found the print of all prints. The small yellow sunglasses throughout will add a nice pop of color while also serving as a reminder of just how awesome girls are.

Check out more of Charles' work on Instagram here.

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'Tropical Glam Cat' by Kendra Dandy

A home isn't a home until you have some kind of animal print in it. I said what I said! 

Check out more of Dandy's work on Instagram here.  

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'Fisayo Giclee' by Rochelle Fullarton

Fullarton's attention to detail makes my heart flutter. I'm all about texture when it comes to picking pieces for my home, and this checks all the boxes. 

Check out more of Fullarton's work on Instagram here.   

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'The Girl With A Bamboo Earring' by Sabrena Khadija

Khadija's take on 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' by Johannes Vermeer is the definition of classic cool.  

Support more of her work by checking out her art page on Instagram here. 

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'IT'S ABSURD' by peathefeary

In case you need a reminder, consider this it. The futuristic colors and feel of this piece makes me feel like I'm in another universe entirely, which sometimes isn't a bad thing.  

Check out more of Peathefeary's work on Instagram here.   

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'Squad Goals' by Lo Harris

Title says it all—am I right, or am I right? Consider this a nice little reminder of when you danced with your friends in crowded bars. 

Check out more of Harris' work on Instagram here. 

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'Swimming' by Camille Allen

The closest I'm getting to owning a fish bowl is this painting, and I have absolutely no regrets. 

Check out more of Allen's work on Instagram here.  

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'Saturnaut Postcard' by great/grand/golden

Using pictures from the photographic archives of the Library of Congress, great/grand/golden tells the story of the black American experience like no other. All of the proceeds from their shop this month go directly to the Emergency Release Fund, which helps keep trans people safe and out of jail. 

Check out more of great/grand/golden work on Instagram here.  

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'Copycat' by Tabitha Brown

My mood is instantly lifted with the colors in this photo. It also makes me want to go seek out a matching outfit with my mother immediately. 

Check out more of Brown's work on Instagram here.  

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'Safe Space' by Akujixxv

Oh, to be swimming in a pink river away from civilization with company I love and adore. 

Check out more of Akujixxv's work on Instagram, here. 

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'Angelique' by Dorcas Magbadelo

If it's wrong to want to spend my days lounging about with small, delicate flowers in my luscious curls, then I don't want to be right! 

Check out more of Magbadelo's work on Instagram here.  

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'Curly Version of The Kiss by Klimt' by Cheyan Lefebvre

What's arguably known as the most famous kiss ever feels more intimate and more inclusive in this piece of art from Lefebvre. 

Check out more of Lefebvre's work on Instagram, here. 

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'Beach Art' by Sarah Dahir

Putting this up in your WFH space will serve as a reminder that days filled with warm weather, a cute swimsuit, and your best friends are on the horizon.  

Check out more of Dahir's work on Instagram here. 

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'Sun Sisters 02' by Charnelle Pinkney Barlow

Despite all the fights my sister and I have had over clothes, I would still go to infinity and beyond for her. This print is a nice reminder. 

Check out more of Barlow's work on Instagram here. 

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'My Mona Lisa' by Shonte Young

Don't get me wrong, the Mona Lisa is a great piece of art, but just something in me would rather have Solange Knowles framed on my wall. 

Check out more of Young's work on Instagram here. 

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'Flower Girl' by Stormy Jackson

Get ready to be reminded of the wonders and colors of spring and summer all year long. One glance is an instant happiness boost. 

Check out more of Jackson's work on Instagram here. 

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