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12 Books by Latinx Authors You Need to Read, Like, Yesterday

Stories so good, you won't need a bookmark.

books by latino authors

Reading takes you places you never thought you could go—it's why most of us fall in love with books. Sometimes books lead us to a small village in Mexico or to New York City in 1965 or, perhaps, to the beaches of Miami. (Who doesn't want a free trip to Miami?) Often, the stories are so enthralling the bookmark that rests on our side table rarely ever gets used. If you're looking for those kinds of books—ones you cant put down—find them here penned by some seriously talented Latinx authors.

It's no secret the world of publishing can look a certain way, so at Marie Claire, we want to shine a light on the best books by a multitude of authors from different backgrounds. Sure, we're already doing that through our monthly online book club, #ReadWithMC, but why not go one step further? (Our extensive lists on books by Black and LGBTQ+ authors is also filled with page-turners.) As a Latinx woman myself, I'm so excited to share this list of books.

Ahead, dive into 12 of the best fiction books out there by Latinx authors. Whether it's stories of first love, a visit to a horror house gone wrong, or a collection of short stories about love in Puerto Rico, there's a narrative for everyone on this list. Your reading palette deserves a little change, and there's no better place than to start here.

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'Sabrina & Corina: Stories' by Kali Fajardo-Anstine

This collection of 11 short stories centers on the lives of different Latina women of indigenous ancestry who live in Denver, Colorado. Each narrative focuses on different issues from abandonment to death to love to family, and more. One story in, and you'll see why it was nominated for 2019's National Book Award in the fiction category.

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'The Worst Best Man' by Mia Sosa

Carolina Santos is a wedding planner who got left at the altar. Ironic, yes, but she quickly puts the past behind her...until she gets the opportunity to expand her business and is forced to face that past again. She is tasked with working with her ex-fiancé's brother, Max. They both strive to have a professional relationship, but as the weeks go on, other feelings start to bubble to the surface.

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'Clap When You Land' by Elizabeth Acevedo

Two sisters, who never knew each other existed, discover the truth about each other when their father dies in a plane crash. As they come to terms with their new reality, they must also establish a bond that will change their lives forever.

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'Love War Stories' by Ivelisse Rodriguez

Puerto Rican girls are taught to want one thing growing up: true love. In this collection of short fictional stories, Rodriguez paints a picture that this kind of love isn't always achieved, especially as these girls are raised by women who've witnessed the betrayal, grief, and violence that can come along with it.

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'Dominicana' by Angie Cruz

When Juan Ruiz proposes to 15-year-old Ana Cancion, she says yes. Yes, he's twice her age, but his proposal promises a new life in New York City. On New Year's Day 1965, they set out for their new lives and leave behind an old one. When there, Ana finds herself homesick, struggling between following her heart or staying true to her family.

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'Hurricane Season' by Fernanda Melchor

A woman known in the Mexican village of La Matosa as "The Witch" is found floating in a body of water. Throughout its chapters, eight characters are introduced, telling their story that fills in the blanks as to why the town's most infamous woman is dead. It's gritty and filled with violence, but the story will stick with you long after its final page.

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'Here the Whole Time' by Vitor Martins

Felipe's looking forward to school break; 15 days of uninterrupted alone time until his mother informs him that Caio, the kid from apartment 57, will be spending the break with them while his parents are on vacation. The only problem? He has possibly the world's biggest crush on Caio.

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'Cantoras' by Carolina De Robertis

Set in Uruguay in 1977, five women discover an uninhabited cape, Cabo Polonio, and claim it as their secret sanctuary to escape their current world—one where they can be punished for being gay. Over the next 35 years, the women change as they move back between their two worlds as they experience all things that make life so great: love, family, community, and more.

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'I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter' by Erika L. Sánchez

Olga was always the perfect daughter, not Julia, but when a tragic bus accident takes her beloved sister's life, Julia is left to pick up the pieces. As she sorts through her older sister's past and tries to move forward, Julia soon realizes her sister wasn't as perfect as she thought and that there was more to her sister than just the image their mother made for her.

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'Mexican Gothic' by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

When Noemí's father receives a suspicious letter from her recently married cousin, Catalina, he sends her out to visit her cousin. When she arrives at the house in the Mexican countryside, something feels off, and it's not just the family that lives there.

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'Fiebre Tropical' by Juliana Delgado Lopera

Fifteen-year-old Francisca moves from Bogotá, Colombia, with her sister and mother to live with their grandmother in Miami. Her family soon seeks refuge in a Colombian immigrant fundamentalist church, but Francisca finds herself sticking out like a sore thumb. She finds an unlikely friendship with the pastor's daughter, but those friendly feelings quickly turn into something more.

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'The House of the Spirits' by Isabel Allende

Find yourself falling into an epic tale of three generations of Chilean women: Clara, Blanca, and Alba Del Valle Trueba. One experiences forbidden love, another fights for a revolution, and one faces supernatural wonders. It's the ultimate family saga.


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