30 Books by Latinx Authors That Need a Spot on Your Bookshelf

Stories so good, you won't need a bookmark.

collage of books by latinx authors
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Reading takes you places you never thought you could go—it's why most of us fall in love with books. Sometimes books lead us to a small village in Mexico or to New York City in 1965, or, perhaps, to the beaches of Miami. Often, the stories are so enthralling that the bookmark that rests on our side table rarely ever gets used, and before you know it, you're nearing the final pages of the story. If you're looking for those kinds of books—ones you can't put down—you can find them on this list, courtesy of some seriously talented Latinx authors.

It's no secret the world of publishing can look a certain way, so here at Marie Claire, we want to shine a light on the best books by a multitude of authors from different backgrounds. Sure, we're already doing that through our monthly online book club, #ReadWithMC, but why not go one step further? (Our extensive lists on books by Black and LGBTQ+ authors are also filled with page-turners.) 

Ahead, dive into some of the best books―both fiction and nonfiction―by Latinx authors. Whether it's a story of first love, a visit to a haunted house gone wrong, a gripping history of rebellion and espionage, or a collection of short stories, there's a narrative for everyone on this list. Your reading palette deserves a little change, and there's no better place to start than here.

Bianca Rodriguez

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