35 Books by Black Women That Should Really Be on Your Bookshelf

Get ready to find your next favorite author.

Books by Black Women that Should Really Be on Your Bookshelf
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Even if you've donated to Black Lives Matter, protested alongside your fellow citizens, and held discussions with those close to you, as allies, there is always more you can do to educate yourself about the lived experience of Black people in the United States. Look at your bookshelf and the authors on it, are you missing something or someone? If so, you've come to the right place.

We rounded up the best books from Black women authors—as they've been publishing prolific works for ages, from being some of the most iconic names in literary fiction to being some of today's best-sellers. The list spans across genres and there's something in the mix for everyone, whether you're a fan of romance novels, queer literature, inspiring memoirs, or just a compelling, life-changing story. Check out our recommendations below, and get ready to find your next favorite author.

Alexis Jones

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