40 Random 'Gossip Girl' Cameos You Probably Forgot About

Two words: Michael Bloomberg.

Gossip Girl
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Calling all Upper East Siders: It's time for the ultimate trip down Gossip Girl memory lane. Whether you watched the famous CW show in its heyday or have found yourself taking it all in during a Netflix binge, it's safe to say that we all can agree the show is next-level iconic. Over six seasons, we got to know a few privileged teens who never seemed to catch a break when it came to drama. The show inspired many pop culture trends, kicked off loads of successful acting careers, and may or may not have had you wanting an epic headband collection like Blair Waldorf's. A 2020 reboot is coming to HBO Max as well. Like we said...iconic.

A show with such a legacy is bound to have a couple guest stars appear throughout the show, and boy does Gossip Girl deliver—we're talking everyone from Lady Gaga to Tory Burch to Hilary Duff. Allow this list of 40 celebrity Gossip Girl cameos, ahead, to inspire you to A) freak out, B) rewatch a couple of episodes, or C) all of the above. (Hint: C is the best answer.)

Bianca Rodriguez

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