When Will 'Priscilla' Be Available on Streaming?

Sofia Coppola's highly-anticipated film just arrived in theaters.

jacob elordi as elvis presley and cailee spaeny as priscilla presley in priscilla
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One of the best things about fall—besides changing leaves, dropping temperatures, and the arrival of cozy season—is the two-month span where all of the year's most highly-anticipated drama movies finally arrive in theaters ahead of awards season. To start off the busiest time of the year for cinema fans, A24 has released Sofia Coppola's highly-anticipated biopic Priscilla, which chronicles the early life of Priscilla Presley. Based on Presley's memoir Elvis and Me, the movie depicts the private life of Priscilla and the late Elvis Presley, showing their years at Graceland in Coppola's signature dreamy style and offering a frank look at the relationship, which began when Elvis was a 24-year-old international star and Priscilla was just 14.

Priscilla has already received wide acclaim, with critics and viewers lauding Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi's performances as Priscilla and Elvis, respectively, as well as Coppola's haunting look at one of America's most iconic celebrity couples. The film has already broken a record for Coppola, becoming the first of her movies to land in the weekend box-office top five, as well as her second most-successful opening weekend after Marie Antoinette. Though countless fans have already made plans to head to the theaters, some are wondering when the movie will be available to watch at home. Here's what we know so far about when Priscilla will arrive online.

How to Watch 'Priscilla'

Priscilla is currently only available in theaters, after arriving in cinemas nationwide on November 3. A24 will maintain this exclusive theatrical window for several weeks before the film becomes available to watch digitally. Cinema fans can head to Fandango to find out where the film is screening and grab tickets.

Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla and Jacob Elordi as Elvis in Priscilla

(Image credit: A24)

When will 'Priscilla' arrive on streaming?

Since Priscilla wasn't produced by a streaming service, it's not clear where the film will eventually land. A24 currently doesn't have a partnership with any specific streamer; the fan-favorite production company used to have a development deal with Showtime (which has since merged with Paramount+), but that expired in November 2022. However, A24 films have still landed on Paramount+ since, so count that streamer as one of the possible places where Priscilla could end up, along with Netflix, Max, and Apple TV+.

As for when Priscilla will be available to rent or purchase on-demand through platforms like iTunes, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, it's highly likely that the film will be made available ahead of the 2024 Oscars, which are currently set for March 10.

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