Oh, the Irony: The Fancy House in Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Video Actually Has Gone Down in Flames

Guys, everything in that song is coming true.

Taylor Swift - Blank Space video still, wearing black dress, walking with man in tux, holding a Doberman on a leash
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Update: 2/6: Some sharp-eyed and -minded Taylor Swift fans correctly identified the mansion in "Blank Space" as Oheka Castle, not Winfield Mansion. Oheka Castle has not gone down in flames, rendering the first part of the prophecy untrue, but the section re: Starbucks still stands.

Original post, 2/5: Mark my words: 449 years from now, the History Channel will host a special called Taylor Swift: The Prophet Pop Star, and it will blow our descendants' (probably huge, given where mankind is heading) minds because she will have predicted everything correctly back in 2014 when she wrote "Blank Space."

Sign one that Swiftadamus's lyrics will one day be used to explain major world events: The mansion in which she filmed that video with Sean O'Pry, the Internet's lesser boyfriend, literally went down in flames.

Built by the Woolworth family (yes, the dime-store Woolworths), the sprawling Winfield Mansion on Long Island was recently damaged by a fire that took 150 firefighters more than 2.5 hours to put out. The cause of the blaze has yet to be determined, but locals say it might have something to do with the ghost of the builder's second daughter, who took her own life at the estate in 1917 and maybe never left.

Here's another tidbit that'll send miniature ice cubes tumbling down your spine: You know how Taylor sings "something something Starbucks lovers?" (Do not tell me it's "got a long list of ex-lovers," thank you very much—I know what I heard.) Well, first there was that whole #StarbucksWedding thing, and now, the coffee giant has partnered with Match.com to set up a matchmaking service where singles meet at their local Sbux, listen to romantic music, take #FirstDateSelfies together with props, and fall in love.

They might as well start filming the B-roll for Taylor Swift: Master of the Universe now. I'm available to write the script.

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