PSA: #FirstDateSelfies Are Happening on Instagram

We thought you should know.

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The goodnight kiss just became the least of your dating worries.

Point your anxieties instead to the #firstdateselfie, because yes, that's a thing now. The hashtag is a rising trend on Instagram, and the pictures, ranging from tender throwbacks to gawky moments in real time, are predictably amusing.

If this concept is at all tempting to you, you might want to think before you snap. And we don't mean taking proper lighting into consideration. Author and dating coach Tracey Steinberg argues that the #firstdateselfie can be detrimental to your budding romance.

"Being in the moment is what the first date is all about," Steinberg tells the New York Post. "Taking any time away from that, you're no longer in the moment and not at your best."

The thing is, we don't completely object to a couple taking a photo together on their first date. After all, some of the Instagrams you'll see below are #TBTs of couples still together—and that's definitely a priceless memento. We're a little more on the fence about the idea of broadcasting your status to the world before you've so much as paid your first dinner bill.

Our advice: Give your newly-minted relationship some room to breathe before you become Instagram official. In the meantime, let these guys keep the #firstdateselfie humming along...pretty cutely, we must admit.

Lauren Valenti
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