Lady Gaga Knocks Her 'Sound of Music' Tribute Out of the PARK, Blows Everyone Away

Including Julie Andrews. We may or may not have squealed. 
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In perhaps one of the best moments of the night, Lady Gaga took the stage to perform a tribute to The Sound of Music. It made no sense, and thus in the world of Gaga, it made all the sense in the world. 

Perhaps even more surprisingly, the star looked totally normal in a ball gown and long blonde hair (presumably a wig, since she just debuted a short black bob) and she let her amazing, chill-inducing, show-stopping voice take center stage. It's easy to forget because of all the gimmicks, but that girl can sing.

But wait, there's more. In an even BIGGER surprise, the incomparable Julie Andrews took the stage after the performance. "Thank you to Lady Gaga," she said, clearly moved. "It's hard to believe 50 years have gone by since that joyous film was released. I blinked, and here I am."

Lady Gaga cried, we cried, everybody cried. Watch the whole thing here:

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