'Divergent' Author Veronica Roth Is Writing a New, 'Star Wars'-y Series

Freaking out yet?


Better lock down your faction soon: Divergent author Veronica Roth is coming out with a new series—excuse me, "duology."

The as-of-yet unnamed series will explore "the story of a boy who forms an unlikely alliance with an enemy," said HarperCollins Publishers in a press release Monday. "Both desperate to escape their oppressive lives, they help each other attain what they most desire: for one, redemption, and the other, revenge." Juicy. We're thinking aliens and…light sabers? (It's also described as "in the vein of Star Wars," after all.)

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The first book will publish in 2017, with another to follow in 2018, so it's a good thing we've got the Insurgent movie to hold us over. Watch the latest trailer below.

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