Sia's Latest Music Video Stars (Surprise!) Maddie Ziegler

No sign of Shia Laboeuf, though.
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One-eighth of Maddie Ziegler, Sia muse and Dance Moms star, appears in the Australian hit-maker's new performance art, uh, piece for "Big Girls Cry," the final installment in a nude-leotard-heavy trilogy.

For about two minutes, the camera focuses on Ziegler's face, as she wears a platinum, bobbed wig, twitches, and grimaces expressively—sort of like when all of Maddie Ziegler danced with Kristen Wiig at the Oscars. Then, the camera pans out a bit, and you can see her manic shoulder movements and Beyoncé "7/11" foot-phone. Whose red-lacquered hands reach out to grab her throat after that? And could they possibly belong to an unexpectedly cheerful-seeming blonde woman?

Watch the video below.

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