This Video Proves That Women Pay More Than Men for Basically Everything

The "woman's tax" is a very real thing.

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One of the most common reasons that some women use to explain why men should pay for dinner is the fact that women spend a lot more money on beauty products. The counterargument to that, rightfully so, is that women don't need to spend all this cash making themselves look extra polished and that it's a personal choice. But what about when it comes to just regular, everyday necessities?

That's what the creators of the video below set out to discover, and boy are the results depressing. The female and male host took the same items by the same company and compared them to one another, and found that a female product consistently cost more than its male counterpart.

While it's no scientific study, the results are hard to argue. Even when they bought the exact same shirt at American Apparel (which employs unisex pricing), it cost more to dry clean the female shirt than the male one. And in case you had any doubts that this was because of gender, the receipt was actually labeled "Lady Shirt."

And even with their pillows, the black one actually cost a dollar less than the pink one because pink is a more girly color. This is farcical! This is madness! This is 2015 for gods sake? Women still make 0.70 cents for every dollar a man makes and still have to pay $1.47 extra for the same lousy razor? Unbelievable.

Watch the whole video and let's all be a bit depressed together, I guess.

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