We Cast Your Favorite Actresses as Superheroes

Because SOMEbody's gotta do it.
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There are so many female superheroes that haven't had their time in the limelight. And with new male-dominated hero films popping up left and right, we figured it's time to give the ladies their due.

Here, the Marvel superheroes we think should get their own movies and the actresses to portray them.

Jennifer Lawrence as Hawkeye

Hawkeye is a member of the Young Avengers, a highly skilled archer, fencer, and fighter. (Noticing any similarities?)

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Kristen Wiig as Blonde Phantom

Is it just us or does this drawing actually look like Wiig? Plus, every superheroine needs a sense of humor.

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Emma Watson as Rachel Summers

Rachel Summers is the daughter of Cyclops and Jean-Grey. If you're not privy to X-Men mythos, that's a cross between laser beams for eyes and basically the most powerful mutant ever. It's only logical that former Hermione and current feminist would fill these shoes.

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Zoe Saldana as Songbird

Songbird is the equivalent of a Banshee: beautiful but deadly and totally badass. Seems to describe Zoe perfectly. Her powers include using her bionic vocal chords to impede her enemies. Oh, and perfect pitch.

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Kerry Washington as Sepulchre

Also known as Shadow Woman, Sepulchre has the ability to manipulate dark energy and merge into the shadows. Kinda like Olivia Pope, no?

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Angelina Jolie as Ms. Marvel

Sure she's already been one of the most maleficent (pun intended) villains out there, but it's never too late to turn towards the light. Ms. Marvel is essentially unbeatable. Who else other than Angie could be her? Interesting tidbit: A script for Ms. Marvel is currently in the works and slated to debut in theaters in 2018. This is a not-so-subtle casting request.

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